Breadvan_update_018: Clay model first iteration

Breadvan_update_018: Clay model first iteration

Development of the surfacing

By moving from the initial ideation sketches to highly resolved renderings, the design ideas are presented in a more refined manner. Progressing from the initial search for proportions to a more solid base, includes fitting the design drawings precisely over the packaging of the base car. In the renderings the best surfacing and volume ideas generated in the ideation sketches are developed into conclusive material, making the design more solid and the shapes easier to read. Some of the renderings are executed in straight viewing angles, eliminating perspective as much as possible. Coachbuilder Bas van Roomen has printed these specific renderings to full scale, so they can be used for the transition from a flat piece of paper to what eventually will become a kinetic sculpture.

Clay model

The very first iteration of the clay model has now been made on top of the steel, compound curve framework. We are working from back to front on this specific car for several reasons. One of them is the fact we run several sub-projects connected to the car, such as the interior parts and bespoke headlights, simultaneously. More important is that the rear-end will be changed most significantly compared to the hardpoints of the base vehicle. It is of paramount importance to balance the new volumes with the existing parameters of the front and middle section of the base car. Sheer endless changes and amendments will be made to the clay model. We’re closely cooperating during the entire process of applying the synthetic automotive clay and changing it to the desired shape. Through many photos, videos, calls and visits to the workshop the focus of the team is on fine-tuning the design ideas made on paper and translating them into a shape which works on the car under real, natural light and in a realistic perspective.

Car design ideas

One of the biggest challenges this car presents us with is getting the lines of the rear-end to flow correctly, as this low and sleek car will often be seen at a rather extreme top-view perspective: a person standing next to the car will mainly see the roof. This viewpoint, and the vanishing points coming with it, is influencing the design ideas and decisions made during the sketching. This challenge is only one of many the Breadvan Hommage presents the team with. Each step we take is the product of different types of craftsmanship joining forces. Both the expertise of the coachbuilder and the car designer is needed to make sure the car can be made by hand and looks good.


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