Breadvan_update_017: Development of the surfacing

Breadvan_update_017: Development of the surfacing

Surfacing sophistication

Car designers look at cars in three different levels: proportions, surfacing and jewellery. We’ve mainly showed you the proportions, during the weekly updates on our coachbuilding project. The proportions have now been established. The coachbuilder is making them visible in clay. Surfacing, the second step, now needs to be explored. This means a search for sophistication in the skin of the car. Particularly finding the right subtleties. This includes the finalisation of the exterior graphics, such as air vents, headlights and bonnet scoops.


A truly individual design statement

The Breadvan Hommage is the dream of our patron that now becomes a reality. This car will have to be a truly individual design statement. It therefor has to exude artistry and performance in every bit of its surfacing. The base vehicle lines will not be ignored. This car was an important piece of automotive design. Looking at the Breadvan Hommage from the perspective of a car design exercise means the following. The idea is to in fact enhance the experience of the sculpted shapes of the base car. We do this by intensifying its qualities. We make the bespoke body of this extraordinary commission more outspoken in its appearance.


Fender vent customisation

During the ideation sketch phase we have experimented with the graphics found on the base car. The craft of customisation is not only making the base car different, but also not to overreach. In other words: knowing when to stop. We could have completely redesigned the vent. Or we could be going for the radical option of an out-and-out side vent delete. Instead, the decision was made to amplify the original vents. Their sculptural quality is carefully curated. For this one of a kind motorcar we are elevating the air outlets to a new level. The vents will be orientated horizontally. Particularly due to new soft facetted borders which emphasise the length of the body, rather than its height.


Redesigned headlights

We have merged the sculpture of the once individually chiselled apertures into one organic piece. Instead of two individual pieces now interlocking graphics and surfacing will define the fender. No harshly defined border between the first and the second air opening will be visible, much like shark gills. The graphics of the headlights are another interesting new feature on the car. They are slim, making way for the two large apertures positioned towards the lower edge of the bonnet. Each of these openings is opulently sculpted. They are merging visually seamlessly with the luscious bonnet surfacing and slim headlight graphics. Very different from the harshly cut, stand-alone intakes found on the original Breadvan.

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