Breadvan_update_016: Clay development

Breadvan_update_016: Clay development

Breadvan Hommage – Iterative redesign

Back to the workshop again, where on top of the custom made frame with horizontal rails, the very first clay has been attached. The surface of the clay is still rough at this stage. The synthetic material is heated so the team can attach it to the car in its soft status. The large amount of iteration we went through with the ideation sketches, and at a later stage the renderings we showed last week, will now be repeated in the clay. This material will be continuously developed and redesigned. Over and over again. The craftsmanship of the coachbuilder will eventually translate the clay into the aluminium body, by moulds made out of a flexible tape. The coming weeks however the artistry and expertise of the coachbuilder will be needed in the shaping of the clay, whilst the knowledge of design is equally important: this truly is a hand in hand process, as the interpretation of volumes, shapes and surfaces from paper to industrial plasticine needs all hands on deck. On one of the images a mock-up of the rear window can be seen, made out of aluminium. The coachbuilder will use this as a rigid base to model the clay around. Later, when a definitive design of the rear end including the window has been made, a final piece of aluminium will be shaped. This will be the mold for the glass maker.

Breadvan Hommage – Truly personal collaboration

This labour intensive, hand-finished unique sports car is not just a collaboration between different craftspeople, but also a truly personal collaboration between the design team and the patron. From subtle customisations all the way to bold statements, individual details can only be designed by input from the owner of the vehicle. The more finalised surfaces of the car won’t be visible for quite a while, but once the first exterior iteration has been completed in clay, we will share it here. The tailored body modifications are rather demanding however, the customising and personalising of this coachbuilt car will need to go through many steps of redesign before the finished product will be good enough for the aluminium bodywork. One of the most prominent changes that can be already spotted in this early stage is the new shape of the side window graphic: this now lines-up with the windscreen, making sure the goal of making a visor-like appearance of the windscreen and side windows, will be met. This means a redesign of the roof, which now runs lower compared to the original base car and new, lower side windows have to be custom made.

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