Breadvan_update_014: Introduction to our coachbuilder

Breadvan_update_014: Introduction to our coachbuilder

Two weeks ago we showed the installation of the steel, compound curve framework. This substructure has been made by our coachbuilder for the Breadvan Hommage project: Bas van Roomen. In the workshop Bas van Roomen usually builds and restores handmade, highly exclusive Italian sports cars, in the very tradition of the great Italian coachbuilders of the 50’s. Bas: “Making a car body by hand is the most beautiful craft in existence. Being able to make all those curves and shapes out of a flat piece of metal is truly fantastic!“

Automotive clay
Next to installing the frame, Van Roomen will also be responsible for the complex job of making the full scale clay model on top of the steel profiles. As described in earlier posts; our team is using industrial plasticine, a modeling material which is mainly used by automotive design studios. It was developed as an industrial version of plasticine. To be able to attach this clay to the car, the frame work is equipped with a backplate, which will not only be holding the metal frames rigidly in place, but will also provide stability to apply the clay on the car and later change its shape again and again. We’re closely following the clay modelling stage of our design work. Through many photos, videos, calls and visits to the workshop the focus is on fine-tuning the design ideas on paper and translating them into a shape which works on the car under real, natural light. Sheer endless changes and amendments will be made to the design decisions. Once the styled clay model on the base vehicle has been finished, Bas will create a paper tape mould, which follows the shape of the clay exactly and will be used to model the other side of the car in aluminium.

Last but certainly not least, the mammoth task of coachbuilding the newly designed, aluminium body of the Breadvan Hommage will also be on the capable shoulders of Van Roomen. The labour intensive coachbuilding will be done completely by hand, whilst being in close contact with our design studio to fine tune the design and iron out any possible technical challenges. The classical tools and machines used by Bas van Roomen to build the Breadvan Hommage are the exact same instruments used in the golden era of coachbuilding. His extensive knowledge on the subject and many years of experience building Italian vintage cars in the finest of coachbuilding traditions ensures the Breadvan Hommage will be made to the highest standard. 

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