Breadvan_update_013: Ideation sketches

Breadvan_update_013: Ideation sketches

Automotive design starts with a handmade sketch

Welcome to another loop of ideation sketches. For any automotive design or coachbuilding project they are very important. In fact these sketches from one of the many iterative stages of the design process. Considering this automotive design is about the search. This experiment is only truly achievable in a handmade sketch. In particular the doodles help finding new discoveries. They quickly eliminate ideas that don’t work. The team is helped by these quick sketches during the selection of ideas. More importantly the customer can see what works and what doesn’t work for him.


The key sketch

Eventually this process will produce a so called key sketch, which will be developed. We will make more elaborated, rendered ideas which come out of this one doodle. We will eventually make a clay model from these renderings. This model will be based on the custom steel compound curve frame work we’ve shared last week. These sketches show the evolution of the volumes, proportions, surfacing and finally jewellery. Our bespoke motorcar is fully explored through endless analysis and exploration . The search for unique character is clearly present in these sketch boards. But, the majority of ideation sketches of this commissioned tailor-made car will not make it to the next stage. This is the case with all automotive design projects. In fact, working for the dustbin is what car design is often being referred to.


Personalisation services

We think this elaborated design process is a paramount part of our personalisation services. Moreover unique and distinctive design is needed in search for an automobile that truly will reflect the owner. Volumes, proportions and surfacing differences can be spotted in the sketches. We also designed unique hand-finished details all differently. The placement of the double bespoke exhausts of this sports car is different in each sketch.



After this sketch material has gone through a strict selection procedure more detailed renderings will be made. The coachbuilder crafting the car in clay needs detailed and precise visual information. The artistry and expertise of the coachbuilder is also needed to make sure our design will reach its full potential in aluminium. Through the very personal collaboration between the patron and our design team grand gestures and subtle changes are discussed. In itself the Breadvan Hommage is a very bold statement. All of its design elements should work together, making it consistent piece of design.

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