Breadvan_update_012: Clay frame development

Breadvan_update_012: Clay frame development

Welcome back to the base car. These images are showing the car being prepared for clay modelling.

The first step to prepare the car for its new shape is building a custom frame work of steel compound curves, which measurements will be smaller than the actual design of the Breadvan Hommage dictates. A layer of synthetic automotive clay, or industrial plasticine, will be put on top of this frame, which will bring the surface of the car to the desired parameters.

Based on the design work, which is ongoing during the stage of modelling the clay, we will shape the plasticine into the right volumes. This is a highly labour intensive process, as a car is a complex and three dimensional object which has to look great from all angles and under different light circumstances. The modelling process is iterative and the car will be reshaped many times over, to get the proportions and surfacing of the Breadvan Hommage exactly spot on.

In this specific case we are working from the rear towards the front: the project is made out of many sub-projects, which all have to be monitored and directed whilst being worked on in parallel fashion. This narrows down the time frame needed for the complete building process. However, in some cases we have to wait on bespoke items being engineered at our suppliers, such as the unique headlights, so we can model around them. This means at the current stage the sides and front remain untouched for a while, so we can focus all our attention on the design and development of the #BreadvanHommage rear end.

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