Breadvan_update_011: Breadvan Hommage sketch boards

Breadvan_update_011: Breadvan Hommage sketch boards

In these sketch boards, the very first ideation sketches of the project are seen: the initial ideas we put on paper, made after the research and discussion with the client and coachbuilder were concluded. These sketches show the search for the right proportions and basic surfacing. Later we will dive into the jewelry – the details of the car.

Graphical elements – such as the windows, air intakes on the bonnet, fenders and side panels – made the original car stand out. Putting the sketches together on one image helps to show all the different takes on the iconic long roofline and, even more importantly, the rake of the rear end of the Breadvan Hommage. This rake has been modernised and translated into a more sculptural design expression, which will run around the corner of the back.

By grouping the other sketches too, a clear design theme is visible per group. Sketching in three dimensions in the early stages is important to experiment with the changed nose and rear-end of the car, the volumes around the wheels and fenders of the back specifically will come alive seen in three quarter view.

Within the sketch boards of the different design themes, several minor changes are made per car too: the experimenting thus takes place on a larger scale, per design theme, and on a smaller scale, within the design theme.

Please join us again next Friday for Breadvan_update_012!

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