Breadvan_update_010: Sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_010: Sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

The iconic front end of the original Breadvan features soft and rounded volumes with extremely sharp cuts and intakes. The apprearance of the nose was changed many times after numerous crashes: the air intakes have been remodelled and the front grille did not only change shape, at some time it even completely disappeared.

The original Breadvan might be a true character on its own, and very functional, it isn’t the most well balanced piece of automotive design. In the selection of sketches taken from the ideation phase we share today the search and experiment with the graphics found on the nose and side of the car can be clearly seen. We’re aiming to make a clear bloodline visible, by focussing on the proportions and the graphics identifying the original Breadvan. One of the focal points on the nose was experimenting with either keeping or changing the OEM headlights. We decided eventually to redesign them, as different graphics were needed to alter the base car’s character enough to make this car a true Breadvan. By narrowing the headlight graphic, more space is created for the two large openings in the bonnet, which are sculpted into our design – rather than cut out.

We’ve decided to go for a visor-like graphic of the windscreen: the side windows and windscreen will appear as one: a reference to the original car horizontal windowlines. This means the coachbuilder will have to make extensive changes to the skin of the A-pillar, the roof, bonnet and fender to make this work visually. Join us again next Friday for Breadvan_update_011!

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