Breadvan_update_009: Sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_009: Sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

Sketches for the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage

The previous two weeks we’ve shared a small section of the several hundreds of sketches made for the #BreadvanHommage project. The focus with these side view thumbnail sketches is on finding interesting, yet relevant proportions. The car should have a strong character of its own, link to the base car aesthetics and be respectful yet un-nostalgic to the original Breadvan. This week we’re spinning the car around for the first time on paper. This exercise is showcasing what a third dimension does to the design ideas. The side view sketches might initially look like a game of “Spot The Difference”. But, finding the finesse in the proportions is key. The small sketch will eventually grow into a motorcar of 4,5 metre. So in fact, a small change in the sketch will make a massive difference to the sculpture of the car.


Graphics of the air intakes

Extending the roofline towards the back means we’re creating a large amount of extra visual mass over the rear wheels. We’re changing the complete rear-end of the car to counter effect this. In particular the volumes around the wheels and fenders are altered. These volumes present on the vehicle are key. We’re searching for a nice horizontal body, whilst all design elements work together to lower the visual centre of gravity. We discussed the graphics of the air intakes last week. They help with breaking down large surfaces and simultaneously put an emphasis on length rather than height. Next week we will show more of the sketches made for this project and discuss other design challenges. Please join us next Friday for Breadvan_update_010!

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