Breadvan_update_008: Ideation sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_008: Ideation sketches of the Breadvan Hommage

Proportions, surfacing, jewellery

Last week we shared the very first ideation sketches of our #BreadvanHommage project. In that update we were showcasing initial ideas being put on paper. We will remodel the complete body, whilst meanwhile honouring it. Our team will execute this by applying, enhancing, adapting or building on important cues from the base car. This includes the proportions, surfacing and jewellery.
Like the material we shared last week, in these ideation sketches proportions and outline are still key. They tell us something about the character of the motorcar. This coachbuilt racer will have to communicate through its proportions what it is. Like one can identify a bodybuilder or a ballet dancer from 10 meters of distance.


Surfacing and volumes

The search for new and interesting application of graphical elements is another focal point. Amongst these are the the visor windows and the many air intakes on the panels. These truly stood out on many racing cars of the time and the Breadvan is no exception. The roofline and rake of the rear end of the Breadvan Hommage are equally important. We’re aiming at creating sophisticated shapes, surfacing and volumes. We will especially focus on the intakes all over the body. These are arguably the most eye-catching elements of the design.


Interconnecting volumes

The design team is trying interconnecting volumes on most of these thumbnail sketch proposals. By locking several graphics together the consistency of the design improves dramatically. The homogeneous looks we are after, ensure a great overall aesthetic. The light catchers on the body also help with this. Light catchers are often horizontal elements of the body work such as sills, the top end of bumpers and facets. They are very important for establishing the character of – and consistency within the design of the car. We will make them non-aggressive and rich in volume. Next week we will show more design sketches. Many 100’s of sketches are currently made for this project. So please join us next Friday for Breadvan_update_009!

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