Breadvan_update_006: Dissecting the Italian body

Breadvan_update_006: Dissecting the Italian body

Coachbuilding means cutting

The very last days of this lovely motorcar looking stock are here. Our coachbuilder has started with cutting away large parts of the car. This reveals the space frame and generates a good base for our #BreadvanHommage design.


How he went about this process

Step one when building a coachbuilt car is to see which parts can be retained. This happens after having determined the hard points. All body parts larger than the future Breadvan Hommage must be removed. We have to make space for the new design. We start by extending the lines of the car with steel molds. Based on the design sketches, these are shaped like the Breadvan Hommage. The parts to be removed are shown by this exercise.


Space for creativity

Although this methodology is helpful, most of this process is based on extensive experience by the coachbuilder. Many different parameters are also determining what and how to delete the metal outer shell of a vehicle. After the team has established which parts have to be removed they are taken of in one go, where possible. In one single piece the entire rear end was cut off. The element can now be reused on another car. Once the original sheet metal has been removed, there is literally space for creativity. The construction of the new frame can start, based on the design sketches we will show next week.


Automotive clay

The basic shape of the car will be generated in a metal frame smaller than the actual design of the car. This mounting will be the base for a layer of automotive design modelling clay. This clay helps us to translate the sketches into a three dimensional sculpture. The clay modelling however is still far away, first we will look at the design sketches, next week in Breadvan_update_007. Watch this space!

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