Breadvan_update_005: Deconstructing the base vehicle

Breadvan_update_005: Deconstructing the base vehicle

Niels van Roij Design was approached by a true car enthousiast with his idea of designing and coachbuilding a Breadvan Hommage based on the 2-seat, front-engined V12 powered base car.

Deconstructing the body

After the client briefing, acquiring and discussing the base car, determining its hardpoints and highlighting them with car design tape, the process of removing the complete body has now finally started. Deconstructing the base vehicle is a highly labour intensive task. All removable items like the boot lid, bumpers and taillights are taken out. Only the taillights will be re-used in the Breadvan Hommage, albeit in a different setup compared to the OEM car. All other body parts will be changed for hand-beaten uniquely bespoke aluminium parts. The glass is removed too, with the exception of the bonded windscreen, which will remain in the car during its construction. The side windows will be replaced by bespoke pieces of glass, tailor made to fit the new design. As the original Breadvan has a very distinctive visor-type look of the windscreen and side windows, the design team will look at how to make a modern interpretation of this very different treatment of the graphics of the glass, compared to the standard base car. Visually joining the OEM windscreen with the A-pillar and side windows is a difficult task which will involve both design and coachbuilding work. The rear end will be furthest from its OEM look, as the original Breadvan features a long roof and cut off kamm-tail with a small window. The design team will take all this visual information in and will translate this into a relevant, modern design. All rubbers and seals are removed too. Most of them will be replaced by uniquely designed new elements.

The rear quarter panel is crossed-out by the coachbuilder, it tells the story of its destiny. This entire section will be removed eventually, as the car will receive a new body the old rear-end is not needed any longer and will be cut off the car in one large piece, starting from the rear axle of the vehicle. The unique status and sight of this once so beautiful Italian sportscar being stripped back to the bare essence is very special indeed. Eventually only the tubular steel space frame and front-mounted naturally aspirated V12 will remain stock. However, many hours of work will still be needed to strip the car even further back. Next week we will start with cutting away panels, which is not for the faint of heart.

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