Breadvan_update_004: Looking at the hardpoints

Breadvan_update_004: Looking at the hardpoints

The design process of our patron’s idea

Last week we showed the first photos of the actual base car our coachbuilding team will convert into the #BreadvanHommage. Our patron’s idea has to be discussed in an important meeting, before being able to start the design process. The team comes together to discuss the so called hard points, the purpose of fully understanding the base car. These hardpoints include the rigid, non-adjustable items. Specifically hardpoints include the suspension mounts, A-pillar base, structural safety elements and crash structures. The team also discusses the possibilities the V12 base vehicle offers. This meeting is key to establish all different roads the project can take.


Car design tape

With highly flexible black car design we highlighted all different options directly on the body. We normally use the tape on clay models in car design studios. The tape comes in a large variety of different thicknesses. The possibilities, hardpoints, potential bottlenecks form a grid we will work with or around. We discuss all probable issues the team could run into whilst designing and coachbuilding the motorcar. By removal or re-location certain elements are eliminated. A good example is the intake on the wing located at the driver side of the vehicle. This intake feeds fresh air to a radiator located in the wing, going to an oil-cooler. This vent will be deleted all together and the radiator re-located to the side of the panel behind the window of the driver. As a result of this the intake will be reminiscent of the original Breadvan race car.


Space for creativity

Simultaneously technicians have started dismantling the car. This means removing glazing from the Italian bodywork. In consequence they are deleting the easy to reach interior components. Carpeting and panels, upholstery and covers all have to go. The team progressed quickly and therefor even had time to make the very first slice into the gorgeous body of the motorcar. This always is a special moment, as from that point forward there is no turning back! The team sliced out the metal cover of the fuel tank.


Manoeuvrability in and around the car

We help the team’s manoeuvrability in and around the car by clearing away items. It also reveals key elements of the space frame we have to work with. This first cut however, is only a tiny one. As this fourth episode of the Breadvan_update is the very last time you can enjoy the lovely shapes of the base vehicle. We have not yet touched the exterior. However, next week the team will start removing even more panels from its lustrous body.

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