Breadvan_update_004: Looking at the hardpoints

Breadvan_update_004: Looking at the hardpoints

Last week we showed the first photos of the actual 550 Maranello our coachbuilding team will convert into the #BreadvanHommage. Before being able to start the design process of our patron’s idea, we discussed both the hardpoints – the rigid, unadjustable items – and the possibilities the 550 offers. With black car design tape in different thicknesses we highlighted options as well as potential issues directly on the body.

Simultatiously technicians have started dismantling the car: removing glazing and easy to reach interior components such as carpeting and panels. They even made the first slice in the body: cutting out the metal cover of the fuel tank, which is placed directly behind the seats. Clearing away these items helps the team’s manoeuvrability in and around the car and reveals key elements of the space frame we have to work with.

This fourth episode of the Breadvan_update is the very last time you can enjoy the lovely shapes of this 550, as next week we will start removing even more panels from its lustrous body.

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