Breadvan_update_002: The base car

Breadvan_update_002: The base car

Niels van Roij Design was approached by a true car enthusiast with his idea of designing and coachbuilding a Breadvan Hommage.

The base vehicle

The patron decided the base car for his dream project had to be true to the vehicle used to build the original Breadvan: its bodywork was based on a 2-seat grand tourer, boasting a front-engined V12 with manual transmission. The car he brought marked the return to a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, this was the choice of car for our patron: a historically very significant car to the brand and conceptually an exceptional match for our conversion.

Redesign the body

Niels van Roij Design will redesign the complete body of the base car. Only the tubular steel space frame and front-mounted naturally aspirated V12 with rear-wheel drive transaxle layout paired to the 6-speed gearbox will remain. The design and coachbuilding team will be completely re-desiging the base car. This will start with its proportions: the car seen from about 10 meters of distance. With the biggest changes in the rear, starting from behind the B-pillar. The second step will be the surfacing of the car: the skin or metal work will be re-shaped by talented artisans, based upon the design choices made by the patron. Last but not least will be jewellery: the finest and smallest details – however often very significant in their presence. All three levels of the base vehicle will all changed and only the windscreen will remain untouched.
Exquisite individual details made to fit the patron of the vehicle will be integrated in this design. The surfacing, or skin of the car, will be complimenting the OEM design of the Italian base car exterior.

Completely bespoke interior design

Very significant changes will be made to the interior of this motorcar too. The individuality in each of the design statements in the driver sanctuary will include bespoke trims, headrest embroidery, new door panels and headliner, colour-coded elements, unique application of leather and much more.
The artistry of many experts will be needed to fulfil this client wish. His dreams will become reality with bespoke styling and engineering and above all an unprecedented experience of having his dream car co-designed with him. Through computer 3D-visualisations we will take the project from a piece of paper to an exquisitely produced, uniquely personal motorcar featuring elaborate tailored body modifications.

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