Adventum Coupe design | Niels Van Roij Design

Adventum Coupe design | Niels Van Roij Design

Niels van Roij Design is hand-making a 2-door British luxury sport utility vehicle

Niels van Roij Design introduces the coachbuilt Adventum Coupe. The London based car design atelier has been commissioned to design and hand-make the 2-door model, based on the most effortless, British luxury sport utility vehicle. Production of the first motorcar, out of a strictly limited series of 100 units, has now begun. “The original, first generation of this British icon was launched in 1970. This car was presented in the Musée du Louvre in Paris exhibited as an exemplary work of industrial design”. According to Niels van Roij, owner of the automotive design studio. When the SUV was introduced, it was available only in a 2-door body up until 1981, when a 4-door version was introduced. The flagship model of this opulent four by four is now in its fourth generation, which was never produced as 2-door, up until now.


Carefully curated personalized motorcar

The tailor-made Adventum Coupe is a true design statement featuring a distinctive hand-finished bespoke aluminium bodywork, uniquely personal touches to the custom-built interior which will be equipped with the finest upholstery. A limited series of only 100 production slots will be made available, each coachbuilt Adventum Coupe will be truly unique and made exclusively for its patron. The first vehicle is currently being produced. According to Van Roij, every Adventum Coupe commission will boast carefully curated personalized material and colour schemes for both interior and exterior: “Anything is possible, from highly-polished woods, personalised tread plates, extraordinary one-off colour-coded leather hides in chic patterns to sophisticated handcrafted embroidery. Even Tweeds and exotic materials not normally found in the realm of automotive design can be applied by our team of craftspeople.”


Commissioning Adventum Coupe

Prices for Adventum Coupe conversion will start between £275.000-£375.000 depending on the base vehicle and the design and built will commence after a £50.000 deposit has been made. Coachbuilding Adventum Coupe will take at least 6 months, depending on bespoke options and specifications. Those interested in obtaining this tailor-made four-wheel drive can contact our studio.

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