Adventum Coupe coachbuilding

Adventum Coupe coachbuilding

An Adventum Coupe which stands out

Diamond-quilted leather? Perhaps button-tufted Alcantara is your preference? Or maybe hand-fitted silk, wool or Tweeds? Our colour offerings are absolutely endless. For instance, we can colour match the interior and exterior of your personal Adventum Coupe to any of your existing cars. How would you like us to design details for the interior of your British SUV? Do you envision unique and hand-finished woods, or perhaps brushed aluminium? We can design pillows matching your interior, featuring your family crest. However, our work doesn’t only include tailor made interiors and exteriors. We can even craft the body of your Adventum SUV Coupe to your taste. If there is a specific detail you would like to be integrated into the body of your personal car, this is a possibility.


In tune with your wishes and vision

Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding is a special vehicle operation. Therefore, our work on your personal SUV will be a blend of what you desire. Luxury, performance and technology are taken to the highest levels by our craftspeople. As a result, together we can create a unique Adventum Coupe for you. Make your SUV yours and uniquely yours. During the built you can see and enjoy the coachbuilding process. You are always welcome in our facilities. However, it always starts in our design studio. There you can select the materials, paints, and interior colours. In other words, you co-design with us. For instance, tailor your personal interior. Design your ideal grille. Specifying your perfect seats. Do you wish to have two captain chairs and a console in the back or a bench seat? Take your time. We are doing the same for you. Which materials, textures and colour combinations do you envision for your Adventum Coupe? Would you like our craftspeople and artisans to add custom treatplates with your name? Any colour and every finish is possible. With the Niels van Roij Design styling ideas and your coachbuilt motorcar becomes a true one-off.


Design your own Adventum Coupe

Aluminium milled paddle shifters? Hand-made foot pedals? A bespoke centre console in the back of your Adventum Coupe that features a champagne refrigerator? Milled grilles and bonnet scoops? Through Niels van Roij Design you can make your personal SUV. Tailored decals on the glass roof, carbon interior elements, illuminated one-off tread plates and a unique cockpit plaque with your initials. With dedicated coachbuilding workshops in Northerm Europe Niels van Roij Design push the boundaries of what’s possible with coachbuilding. At Niels van Roij Design our clients can put their own unique stamp their cars. Start designing your Adventum Coupe today. Our design and coachbuilding team are looking forward to hearing from you.

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