Adventum Coupe bespoke paint

Adventum Coupe bespoke paint

Adventum Coupe bespoke paint

The Niels van Roij Design customisation and coachbuilding Adventum Coupe bespoke paint program is available for all cars. Through our studio customers have the chance to create their own personal motorcar. Therefore, we can make your car extra special and meeting any wish. In other words, there is an infinity of possible combinations available. For instance, colours and materials. For example, as seen on the images, artic white exterior paint. In addition, a hand painted coachline can be made. Likewise, a branded element on your dashboard? Or even a custom colour? All our work will be meeting your exacting standards of quality. What about the possibility to choose from various types of materials? For instance luxurious leathers embellished with other effects and designed together with craftspeople. Or innovative carbon fiber.


Coachbuilt SUV based car

Customers wishing to take advantage of our customisation program can design their own vehicle. Most importantly you will work directly with our studio. Our dedicated coachbuilding workshops are based in Northern Europe. For instance, you can choose leathers, Tweeds, colours and materials. After that, once you have discussed your dreams, we will provide digital simulations. For example of the possible options. Our studio is using an advanced design tools. Our team of experts supports customers at all stages of the configuration of their personal car. This will be including the choice of colour, accessories and materials. The meeting we will have with you is preceded meeting you in person at your home.


Special car interior

A sewing machine needle in motion and a spool of red thread is unwinding; the seats of Adventum Coupe are made. The logo is being stitched. Details make perfection. But details are not the details. Above all, before this happened we took hooks off the wall filled with coloured leather and Alcantara hides. In addition we discussed these with the client. Which colour? Where and why? We draped materials over the seat with coloured spools of thread. Which stitching works best? Leather and alcantara cuttings of various colours were put on the headliner. Does the car look better with black Alcantara? Or, an exclusive leather? A red spool of thread is used on the black umbrella. How do you see your Adventum Coupe? What about orange leather details? Or light blue customized skins? A colour palette to match the exterior colour? You decide. Welcome to Niels van Roij Design.

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