Breadvan_update_071: custom car primered

Breadvan_update_071: custom car primered

Custom car design

Very exciting times! The body of our Breadvan Hommage design has been painted with spray filler by painter Fred. Therefore the car now finally looks like the full sculpture it is intended to be! For instance, all elements come together nicely in a consistent design. In this post we’re sharing the car from all sides. Above all, we’ll discuss what you see and how it works as one custom car. Starting from the nose this means the bespoke headlights now line-up nicely with the graphics of the two nostrils. In addition, they have a lovely focus, being pushed down in the middle by the bonnet scoop. The large bonnet scoop has a small but significant opening right above the head of the V12 engine. The shut line of the bonnet now flows through towards the edge of the nose. Not being interrupted by the headlights pushing though any more.

Build & customize your car

Through our services the owner of the Breadvan Hommage has built and customized his very personal car design. As an example: the result of all the joint efforts can be seen in the images here. The filler unifies the bespoke aluminium body parts and the changed elements of the base vehicle. Moving from the font towards the side, the shutline from the one-off headlights running towards the A-pillar can be seen well. It visually lengthens the nose of the Breadvan Hommage. Above all, it makes the front fender cleaner. And the muscle around the front wheel more pronounced. Moving further back the fender vents can be seen. Deliberately reminiscent of the OEM car. But now stretched over the door and made more three dimensional. It gives the car a bit more of a dynamic edge and it connects to the graphics of the air vents above the rear fender.

Build your own car with Niels van Roij Design

Through Niels van Roij Design the owner of the Breadvan Hommage designed his own custom car. According to his personal wishes and ideas. He was very keen on having the unique design of original cars from the ‘60’s linked to this design. We reinterpret the classic original. Rather than designing a retrospective vehicle. The Breadvan Hommage is a respectful yet un-nostalgic homage to the past. The straight back has the unique overhanging rake. The fender vents and vents behind the B-pillar are very much sculpted, in the same style as the front fender vents are. The door is entirely clean. No door handles or other clutter present. Making the eye appreciate the clan lines even more. At the back all lines come together in the bold, but subtly sculpted and rounded rear with its bold four round taillights that will strongly protrude through the body work.

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