Unique Ferrari Breadvan Hommage Unveiled

Niels van Roij Design, a Dutch coachbuilder, has delved into a lesser-known chapter of Ferrari’s history to transform a 550 Maranello into a bespoke shooting brake named Breadvan Homage. Commissioned by a private collector, this model is a contemporary reimagining of the 1962 250 GT-based Breadvan race car, produced as a one-off.

Not a Ferrari

Unlike Ferrari, which was not involved with the original Breadvan and refrained from participating in this project, the task of bringing this unique design into the modern era fell to van Roij. Company founder Niels van Roij aimed to reinterpret the original while avoiding a direct copy.

Distinctive shape of classic Breadvan

The front of the car has been entirely redesigned with a new bumper, air vents, and a domed hood, while still retaining the recognizable 550 Maranello elements. The rear, however, stands out with its nearly flat roofline that abruptly transitions into a sharp 90-degree angle, echoing the distinctive shape of the original Breadvan. It also features four separate round taillights, quad exhaust tips extending beyond the body, and a glass rear window.



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