A quiet irreverence towards expected automotive luxury codes

Niels van Roij Design proudly presents Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, an exquisite coachbuilt expression of tranquillity. Silver Spectre Shooting Brake epitomizes quiet irreverence towards expected luxury codes, celebrating purity of form and natural materials while serving as a bold statement of the client’s personal taste. Commissioned by an individual with a distinct affinity for architecture and design, Silver Spectre Shooting Brake testifies to the patron’s sensibilities and personal luxury codes, defined by purity and subtle restraint, reflecting their belief in distilling complexity to reveal inherent, fundamental essence.

One-off coach build car

In capturing the theme of tranquillity, Niels van Roij Design designers explored design, sculpture, and architecture from the client’s favorite regions worldwide. Additionally, the client drew inspiration from the motor car itself and the purity of the Silver Spectre design concept. They insisted their Coachbuild motor car remained absolutely faithful to the earliest hand-drawn sketch. The contemporary body profile strongly resonated with the client, particularly the motor car’s bold, low stance, ensconcing cabin design, and dramatic body lines.

Bespoke paint on Rolls-Royce

To fulfill the client’s ambition to honor the Silver Spectre’s form, Niels van Roij Design Coachbuild designers developed a calm, colorway for the motor car’s coachwork. The client aspired to define a timeless burgundy red that appears solid at first glance but creates intrigue under natural light. The main body color creates an effervescent shimmer and an illusion of unending depth upon close inspection. Specialists developed a striking metallic Bespoke silver using larger aluminum particles for contrast and intensity applied to the element surrounding the side window graphic.



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