Bespoke Rolls-Royce paint

While the Silver Spectre’s exterior palette is rich in subtle detail, its primary intention is to celebrate the form and proportions of the coachwork. The client was particularly compelled by the Silver Spectre’s clean, monolithic surfacing and bold use of sculpture—features amplified by the motor car’s muted paint colors, reflecting sunlight and casting dramatic shadows to highlight the Silver Spectre’s many subtle design gestures.

One-off shooting brake design

As the exterior of the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake celebrates the motor car’s form, the interior is a deeply personal reflection of the client’s individual aesthetic, reflective of the style curated in their residences and business spaces worldwide. The Silver Spectre’s color palette and material treatment are a truly personal statement, instantly recognizable as the commissioning client’s signature.

One-off leather Rolls-Royce interior

The leather interior is finished in three bespoke hues, named after the client and reserved exclusively for their use. The main leather color is a bespoke white hue, while the contrast leather is a bespoke red color, complementing the selected exterior paint. The last is the black base.



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