Umbrellas | colours and materials for coachbuilding

custom car design possibilities

Umbrellas | colours and materials for coachbuilding

Umbrella for your car

The classic car accessory: the umbrella has been reimagined by Niels van Roij Design. Exclusively designed to match with your car interior. Finished with a polished colour-tone handle, or matching leather, Alcantara or any other material. The umbrella can be detailed with your monogram, initials or another design made for you. It makes for the ultimate everyday accessory. The unique umbrella can be fitted to your boot or on the inside of the boot lid. Apart from looking dapper, it is engineered to perfection. Each umbrella is hand fitted with the most beautiful materials. Employing centuries old techniques, sourcing the finest cloths or leathers. Built for durability using a Grade A steel frame. The umbrellas are equipped with hand sewn reinforcements. Stylish on the golf course. Beautiful at the race-track. Great for everyday use. the Niels van Roij Design umbrellas will keep you protected from showers in style.



Car umbrellas

Each of our statement umbrellas boast unmistakable design features. Matched to your favourite clothing or car interior. Every aspect of the Niels van Roij Design umbrella has been designed and crafted for a luxurious effortless experience. The premium structure design combined with strong canopy, provides strong ultra-light performance. And usability from mild to extreme weather conditions. The Niels van Roij Design umbrella is finished with a luxuriously materials of your choice. A soft premium leather handle can be topped with a precision CNC milled stainless steel cap. High-quality protection against rain and wet conditions. This sturdy windproof umbrella opens automatically at the press of a button. The robust polyester canopy is water and dirt-repellent. With its lightweight aluminium shaft, this umbrella sits comfortably in the hand.


Umbrella in the boot

Singing in the rain! Make light of heavy showers with the Niels van Roij Design umbrella. Its stylish handle design can be based on the gear knob of your vehicle, or matched to the Alcantara of the steering wheel. It is easy to put away in your cars boot area. Our umbrellas come in a selection of diameters and its special water and dirt-repelling canopy provides reliable protection in the rain. The umbrella isn’t easily damaged by storm either, thanks to the windproof system. The high-quality frame is strong and light. The inner canopy can come in a selection of colours. The same goes for the outer canopy. The runner and the handle can be upholstered in the same exact material used in your car. Whilst the tie wrap can feature special embroidery.

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