Silver Spectre Shooting Brake | The Legendary 7

coachbuilding project | status: finished

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake | The Legendary 7


• Envisioned and commissioned by Niels van Roij Design
• Strictly limited to just 7 examples worldwide
• Available with largest starlight headliner boasting a world’s first infinity celestial scape
• Equipped with increased power output of 700 hp and 900 Nm

The Niels van Roij Design Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, named after the image of a shadow, ghost or spirit, has been styled by Niels van Roij Design. The studio has also overseen the construction process. This conversion is based on the British grand tourer coupe, manufactured by the most recognised company of pinnacle luxury cars.


Designer Niels van Roij: “With this dramatically styled vehicle we subtly link back to the hay days of shooting brakes in the 1930’s, whilst embedding the iconic, soft and creamy visual cues from classic British automotive icons – all without being constrained by these motorcars in the execution of the modern styling. The outcome is not only a highly original design, but also a historically relevant car.


The new body work springs from the base of the A-pillar and stretches all the way towards the tailgate. Silver Spectre Shooting Brake boasts breath-taking, athletic proportions, a delicate, silky smooth skin and sophisticated, purposeful details. The coachbuilt motor vehicle is a startling and authentic design statement, engineered methodically and constructed entirely by hand.”

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake: an effortless silhouette

“We envisioned a daring, three-box rather than two-box shooting brake aesthetic and with that a convention-challenging design. The car features very English proportions inside and out, and uncompromised levels of luxury.” comments Niels van Roij.


“Starting at the front the richly sculpted lines lusciously sweep backwards. The roof has been hand-made out of one the largest singular pieces of ultra-strong and light carbon fibre composite. One of the first benefits of the carbon fibre roof to the design of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake was the ability to conceive the unique roofline silhouette, giving Silver Spectre Shooting Brake an immediate sense of occasion and pedigree. The elongated lines signal master craftsmanship and exquisite style. A manifestation of grand touring in its purest form.”

Dignified strength and power are immediately apparent when Silver Spectre Shooting Brake is seen from the side. Bespoke side glazing is complimented by the satin silver trim, accentuating the dynamic yet pendulous silhouette of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake. Right after the windscreen the roofline becomes fast and drops away to the even faster rear glass which resolves in an elegantly protruding boot lid that delicately reminds one of the vintage and stately Anglian limousines of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The tremendous presence of the rear commands attention. Distinctive in its shape due to audacious, sculptural detailing and a lack of chrome. A key design element is the wide and low rear glass, set not flush, but pushed deeply into the bodywork. This double curved recessed rear screen links strongly to one-of-a-kind English coachbuilt vehicles. Another novel idea is the facet surrounding the trunk lid from top to bottom. This strong line makes for a powerful visual: accomplishing a solid and chiselled appearance in rear three-quarter view and capturing the stern in a singular round motion when seen straight from the back. This approach lends a boldness of expression to the rear of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake. It also provides owners a great opportunity to explore exclusive two-tone paint possibilities.




Increased power output

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake has an increase in power and torque output of the 6.6 liter twin-turbo V12 engine. The standard 632 hp and 800 Nm (or max 870 Nm of torque for Black Badge) has been increased to 700 hp and 900 Nm.


Magic in the stars

Inside Silver Spectre Shooting Brake the hand-made infinity starlight headliner is a true statement and showcase of the bespoke capabilities. It is a celestial scape of fibre-optic strands. As a world first, the stars fade out towards the back, giving the impression of an endless starlit sky.

The luggage area features soft and padded leather upholstery, complimenting the colour choices for the interior of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, made by each patron. All lines and volumes in the boot area are lavishly chiselled, voluminous and rounded. An uncommon sight, normally trunks are rectilinear and carpeted, apparently forgotten design elements. The carefully sculpted lines and meticulously made surfaces of the contrasting elements and storage pockets culminate at the centre of the two separated, individual rear seat backrests.

Each of the 7 coachbuilt cars are carefully composed


Each of the 7 cars out of the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake line-up comes in a bespoke and strikingly unique design theme. This includes individual colour schemes and materials for both interior and exterior, one-off singular or two-tone exterior paints and pinstripes applied by hand on the body. Highly polished woods on dashboard and doors, headrest embroidery, personalized tread plates and colour-matched leather or silk upholstery are a selection of the curated choices made by Niels van Roij Design for the interior. On top of this each of the 7 Silver Spectre Shooting Brake iterations comes with an exclusive tailor-made option, feature or item. Every piece will only be available on one of the 7 vehicles. The articles are ranging from a picnic hamper featuring the veneers as applied to the dashboard, to a luggage set matching with the upholstery and an exclusive time piece in car-paint coordinated materials. All will be seamlessly integrated into the design of the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake in question.


Commissioning one of 7 Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

The prices for Silver Spectre Shooting Brake are available on request. Only 7 examples of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake will be coachbuilt by hand through Niels van Roij Design.

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