Reinvent the wheel | for coachbuilding

The car design process

Our most important tools as automotive designers are our ears. We listen to what it is you have to say. The construction process is a refined assignment. We use appealing materials such as leathers, silks, carbon fibre, woods and even precious metals. However, another important asset is human hands. Often they are the only tools able to our high demands. This goes for everything we do. For applying leathers, paints and jewellery. When cutting and sewing, as well as when assembling your bespoke motorcar. We will take time for everything we do. In other words: we don’t rush coachbuilding. We work on your car with great care. We will take all into account. This makes sure our craftspeople always create a logical whole. Can high-tech and craftsmanship, ever go together? At Niels van Roij Design they can.


Reinvent the wheel

It takes a high degree of finesse to give automotive wheels the right character. It is up to you to lead the way. We will advice and follow your vision. For example, where to go with the design of the finish of the wheels. Niels van Roij Design goes far beyond OEM offerings. We will disassemble the wheels you have chosen. Only then does the wheel get its colour – naturally this work will be done by hand. Because your individual taste deserves individual application. Our customers’ wishes are unique, exclusive and particular. They are reaching above those of mass production. Our designers, engineers and crfatsman meet your dreams. Specifically by listening to your wishes. And the wish behind your wish. We add years of experience, passion and dedication. From every single person working on your motorcar. As a patron you can truly feel that in every last detail.


Design your tyre with Niels van Roij Design

Our passion and dedication is the reason why our clients often return. To commission another motorcar. This means extraordinary dreams continue to be realised. Our work reflect our patrons in every detail. Our design and coachbuilding efforts are full of personality. We do one thing over everything else: we listen. We follow the path of you as patron. The design process often starts with a simple line on paper. The modest beginning of something substantial. As a true world first in the world of car design we offer more than interior and exterior design. We can design your personal tyres. We do this in partnership with craftspeople at Europes most high tyre manufacturer. We can design a bespoke side wall for you. And even the tire tread. We do this like we achieve the bigger picture: with tireless attention to detail. At Niels van Roij Design we add charisma, charm and tempertemperament to every detail of your bespoke coachbuilt motorcar.

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