Petrolicious automotive art for sale


Petrolicious automotive art for sale

Automotive Art exclusively through Petrolicious – click images for more information

Group B was a set of FIA regulations for competition rally vehicles in the ’80s. It fostered some of the fastest, most powerful and extreme rally cars ever built. The Group B era and cars were unfortunately only short-lived, stopped after a series of major accidents.

Next to iconic Group B era cars Niels also has put his attention to other car design icons. Such as the 928 Porsche, pictured here – and important Ferrari’s of the past – like the multi-piece artwork featured below.

For the Group B pieces, aaa Niels van Roij focused on the tarmac versions of the rally cars only: these have the full-width body and the larger wheels – compared to the narrow snow-wheels or the smaller gravel rims – making the stance of these icons fantastically bold. The transverse mid-engined Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 features broad shoulders and its massive rear-hatch, the Audi S1 extreme wings and vertical stabilizers, whilst the Lancia Stratos is arguably the ultimate expression of eighties galore, visually it looks just as wide as it is long.

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