Adventum Coupe


Adventum Coupe

What is Adventum Coupe?

Niels van Roij Design introduces the coachbuilt Adventum Coupe. The car design atelier has been commissioned to design the 2-door model, based on the most effortless, British luxury sport utility vehicle.

Production of the first motorcar, out of a strictly limited series of 100 units, has now begun. “The original, first generation of this British icon was launched in 1970. This car was presented in the Musée du Louvre in Paris exhibited as an exemplary work of industrial design”.


Because this coachbuilding commission includes a full re-design of both interior and exterior it is a unique opportunity for Niels van Roij Design to allow full insight into parts of the development: from ideation process, exterior and interior design, to coachbuilding and interior work. The complete openness that we as car design studio will offer is exceptional within automotive design.

For those who are interested it is a great opportunity to follow the creation of this vehicle, through social media. Niels van Roij Design will report on a regular basis on the development and progress of Adventum Coupe.

Teak in Adventum Coupe | Niels van Roij

Teak in Adventum Coupe

Making a high-quality teak deck requires specialization but also high-quality material. Teak is a strong and durable material that hardly shrinks or works. It is very easy to work with and has the great advantage that it does not splinter. It also has an anti-slip effect and an insulating value. Teak naturally has a greasy layer, which must be taken into account when processing the material. If a teak deck is used outside, with correct maintenance and treatment it will last more than 20 years. Teak decks are know from the yacht industry mainly. But teak is used in various branches. Woodworker Jeroen Kist: “Working with teak and subsequently processing is great. Just fantastic! Bending a tree into a completely different shape: it is always surprising how the drawings in the wood turn out. And these drawings can then be used for various objects, that are thereby enriched and embellished.”


Making a bespoke car teak in Adventum Coupe

The process of making a teak deck is divided into different layers. The first layer is the design. The design of the object, in this case the interior of Adventum Coupe, determines the distribution of the teak slats and the border parts. These border parts are the wider teak elements that are installed around the surface. When both the car designer and the woodworker are satisfied with the executed design, and measuring and positioning planks at the right place has been finalized, the start is made to glue it to the bottom piece. A teak deck is always made in combination with a base plate. This plate is there to create stability. The best base to use is a water-resistant Okoume base plate. Okoume is a sturdy, durable and waterproof plywood. The firmness is created by a water-resistant angle bonding of the wood grain.


Degrease and prime the teak deck

The teak parts to be glued are treated with a cleaner and the primer must be applied by means of a brush. And: all within one hour. This primer must be applied in a continuous layer and cannot be contaminated. For example, greasy fingers are a real issue. The teak parts must then be glued. The Okoume base plate is then provided with adhesive kit. This glue is well distributed with a glue comb. The teak parts are pressed into the glue and temporarily fixed in the grooves. This results in seams between the elements of teak. These are incorporated into the next step. Here too it is important that these joints are empty, clean and dry. The act of degreasing and priming is again carefully executed before rubberizing the teak deck will take place. For Adventum Coupe we have chosen to use a very special white kit.


First Adventum Coupe painted

Adventum Coupe painted

The very first coachbuilt Adventum Coupe painted. Through our studio customers have the chance to create their a very personal motorcar. In this specific case the client opted for an OEM paint. Which, offcourse, also is a possiblity. There is, however, an infinit amount of paints and combinations available. Our paint specialists partners can match a specific swatch just for you. We can colour match the paint of your Adventum Coupe to absolutely anything. For instance, we’ve mixed paint to match a customer’s company logo. In your case can aim for a colour with a very subtle sparkle. Visible only in direct sunlight. It gives your Adventum Coupe a unexpected twist when seen in a different light. After sampling, the team will get your colour just right. We then work on the name of the hue. The colour can be named after you.


SUV based coachbuilt motorcar

Colour is only part of the story. Our expert partners can make truly unique finishes in paint effects. Mica, for example, is a coloured sparkle effect we can apply to a variety of different shades. Candy is a reverse-engineered three-stage process during which our experts lay the effect on first and then top it with a transparent solid colour to magnify the pearlescent effect. And Chrome is an eye-catching pigment that gives the impression of three colours in one. Adventum Coupe is a car without compromise. Therefore, matching and mixing the different shades of paint involves an exceptional eye for colour. Your Adventum Coupe will be hand-painted. So, we will achieve a mirror-like finish. This takes many hours of meticulous sanding and hand-polishing. When it comes to the overall finish of your Adventum Coupe, there really are no compromises. Painstaking precision is vital.


Special one-off exterior

Extraordinary craftsmanship is intrinsic to our bespoke team. Especially when it comes to colour. The possibilities to personalise the exterior of your hand-made Adventum Coupe are infinite. With truly endless individual hues for you to choose from. For your Adventum Coupe we can look into different shades of your favourite colour. Our paint partner will then make sample colours. Achieving the flawless colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. Painstaking precision is a significant factor behind the success of the Niels van Roij Design work. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. Are you a brave enough customer to commission a dareing paint for your Adventum Coupe? Push our bespoke team. Contact Niels van Roij Design now.

Adventum Coupe

Adventum Coupe coachbuilt SUV

Adventum Coupe has been conceived and designed by craftspeople and designers. Therefore, they are responsible for giving our customers a great level of customisation. In other words, truly one off iterations of our conversion. There are some fairly special examples of what this service extends to. This ranges from unique car interiors to special exteriors. For example, one-off woods, paints, and other materials. It means that colour and trim options are limitless. There are endless paint options, for example. You can have your own swatch colour matched. Our coachbuilt Adventum Coupe is a feet of engineering. Of craftsmanship and opulence. Comprised of machined aluminium parts. Or a carbon fibre. Of detailing in beautiful woods and leather. Materials like black anodised aluminium. And specially coloured leathers is no exception. Mother-of-Pearl spoons can been chosen for pick nick sets. They don’t impair the flavour of caviar.


Coachbuilt bespoke SUV

Deconstruct the design of any of the Niels van Roij coachbuilding efforts. You’ll find theatrical stories. For instance, craftsmanship. And engineering. Eye for detail and luxury. Marquetry detailing, for example. Being prepared specifically on client requests. Above all, at Niels van Roij Design we want to always be focused on our customer. Most importantly, as a coachbuilder we meet their needs. We contribute to their lifestyle. It is telling how bespoke our car designs are. We refer to the customer, rather than to customers. We don’t talk about volumes either. Of Adventum Coupe only a very small run is expected. Niels van Roij Design is not looking at a roll out pattern. Each new coachbuilt car is seen as an individual solution. So, one coachbuilding solution to a particular context and client at the time. As a coachbuilder we focus on the individual.


Adventum Coupe coachbuilt SUV, for the individual

An attitude about the individual is the philosophy behind all of our coachbuilding and car design team’s work. No two Adventum Coupes are ever the same. Coachbuilds are the ultimate expression of the patron. A total one-off. Given that requests come directly from you as a customer, Niels van Roij Design doesn’t rely on market research. Rather, our coachbuilding and car design studio fosters close relationships with our customers. These individuals ask for particular customisations to their new cars. Our main aim is to always create something for the customer. At Niels van Roij Design the team is delivering specific solutions for individuals. How? By focusing on the life and habits and the lifestyle of individuals. We design coachbuilt cars to service our clients. This autumn themed Adventum Coupe design is an example of this work.

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