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Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_038: special car paint

Beautiful paint inspiration

Niels van Roij Design offers you an absolutely endless range of beautiful interior and paint finishes. However, we do not have a fixed pallet to choose from. We think only you can provide the right inspiration for a fully individually designed paint. This means an infinite amount of different colours are available. We can also combine paints, for inspiring bicolour, or duo tone, paint finishes. This will allow you to find your own bespoke expression for your specially made motorcar. No two people are the same. And no colours are the same either. Based on personal conversations with you, we will present you an equally personal colour palette to choose from. Often the colours we design will change subtly, when struck by light. You can work with the Niels van Roij Design team to create your very own colour tone. This is the most distinguishable symbol of truly ultimate individuality.


Car colour without compromise

The surface finishing centre is where colour comes to life. Therefore, matching and mixing the different shades of paint involves an exceptional eye for colour. As all of our cars, our Breadvan Hommage will be hand-painted. And we will be achieving a mirror-like finish. This takes hours of meticulous sanding and hand-polishing. When it comes to the overall finish of this coachbuilt motorcar, there really are no compromises. Painstaking precision is vital for this. Achieving the flawless red colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. The attention to detail is a significant factor behind the success of the Niels van Roij Design paintwork. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. The customer commissioning the Breadvan Hommage dares to push our bespoke team. He asked us to create a colour that matched the bright red of classic Italian sportscars. With a very subtle, profound twist.


Paint experts for truly unique finishes

Extraordinary craftsmanship is intrinsic to our bespoke team. Also when it comes to colour. With truly endless individual hues ready for you to choose from, the possibilities to personalise the exterior of your hand-made car are infinite. For the Breadvan Hommage we decided to develop 8 different shades of red. The painter sprayed these 8 samples in various red hues. For our coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage he uses the water-based paint system Cromax Pro. When the 8 samples are dry, he finishes them with 2 layers of clear coat of Cromax CC6400. This is a very high-quality VOC-compliant topcoat. The samples are then dried in the spray booth at a temperature of 65 degree Celcius. What inspires you? From subtle touches to ambitious statements. Bring your unique coachbuilt car to life with our dedicated bespoke car design service.

Breadvan_update_037: bespoke seats

One off car interior

Our coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage will feature significant changes to the interior. It was designed inspired by heritage models. Therefore, the design started at 1960 race cars. There is a lot of character in these distinctive designs. In addition, we looked at trim and materials installed on hand-finished cars of these days. In other words, classic sports cars were very inspirational. However, we do take design liberties. We push our project into the future. For instance, the unique design will boast unique materials and colours. The research done starting the project, will ensure only relevant changes are made. The craftspeople working on the interior translate our work through their mastery. Regarding the seat design, we chose to pronounce original volumes and proportions. We do not only honour the original Breadvan, but also the base car. Above all, the new design is an enhancement of the original, rather than a complete re-design.


Tailor made seats

All leather will be removed from the carbon fibre seats. The blue Alcantara we’ve chosen originated in racing. It is a bold design statement. Many individual details are worth mentioning. The more pronounced surfaces described being only one. In addition, the colour-coded double stitching we’ve chosen is also a key design element. We worked on many different ideas. Amongst which a selection of stitching applications. The version chosen makes the seat surfaces come three-dimensional. It shows the handmade character of the car. Meanwhile, we decided to pronounce the original volumes and proportions of the OEM seats a bit stronger. By adding a few extra millimetres of padding. In this manner, we honour both the original Breadvan and the base vehicle. Another subtle change, for example, is the double stitching. The stitches are executed in a slightly lighter colour of yarn. It makes the seat stitching look slightly more outspoken.


Headrest embroidery

The subtle headrest embroidery stand out just enough. The logo is not too big and not too small. The colour of thread used is slightly lighter. This coloured thread is complementary. This makes the contrast between the Alcantara and the stitches is sufficient rather than strong. The headrests embroidery is depicturing the outline of the Breadvan Hommage. Captured in only a few striking lines embedded in the Alcantara of the seat. Alcantara is one of the most beautiful materials and relevant for this car. It comes straight from the world of racing. The subtle ornamental aspect of the headrest embroidery in the hand-made seats showcase our eye for detail. It is a design exercise of nuance. In conclusion, the simple lines in the logo on the headrest are celebrating the Breadvan Hommage exterior design. An ode through stitching and embroidery.

Breadvan_update_036: bespoke paint

Tailor made paint

The patron of the Breadvan Hommage aims at creating something truly special. Therefore, he commissioned an exterior paint colour unlike any other. Certainly, colour is a strong and very personal expression. That is to say, colour can evoke emotion. It can affect your mood or take you back to a certain place or time in your life. Likewise, it says everything about who you are and how you see the world. Our paints are available in a variety of different types. Ranging from solid, to metallic, satin and even pearlescent. To enhance the design of this personal coachbuilt vehicle we decided to go for a special red. A bold statement, subtly executed. Capturing the essence of the Italian work of art and bringing it into the future. Our design team ensures that his choices are in tune with who he is and match the car too.


Bespoke paint

The process of designing a bespoke paint starts with aluminum sheets. The coachbuilder made the samples. As a result, these sheets are shaped to the match the body lines of the Breadvan Hommage. They undergo a series of pre-processing steps. Firstly, they are degreased with Cromax S3920. This solvent-based cleaner removes all oil-containing contamination that may be present. The samples are deburred, secondly. After which they are rotary machine-sanded with grain P220. The third step is making the samples dust-free and degreased. Fred Steenbeek from Classic Car Painter applied alkaline cleaner Cromax S3910. After that, this cleaner removes salt and skin grease. the samples are set up in the spray booth, following this procedure. The Ecth primer prepares the samples for paint. And after spraying the Ecth primer, 3 coats of primer ValeuShade 2 follow.


Bright red colour

This stage is crucial in relation to the final colour scheme of the Breadvan Hommage. The aim is to make the car bright red. Red, however, with a subtle twist. We’ll share that twist later… In case a darker primer is used under a bright red, it will be significantly darker. Subsequently, the ValeuShade 2 (an off white) is used to give the hue extra freshness. After that, once dried, the primer of the samples are machine sanded. Then, the samples are sanded again. But, now manually with P800. After this the samples are made dust-free. The samples are set up again in the spray booth. To clean them again Cromax S3911 is used. This is a mild cleaner that removes crease. In conclusion, the samples are cleaned by an adhesive cloth. For the final stages and the 8 colours we have designed: more soon!

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