Breadvan Hommage


Breadvan Hommage

What is the Breadvan Hommage?

When a true admirer of an Italian brand reported to Niels van Roij Design with a special request to custom build a Breadvan Hommage, the design studio saw it as an honorable task to translate the iconic racing car into a car from the more recent past.

“We see it as a great privilege that we can honour the Breadvan through this Hommage commission,” says Van Roij. “It is a complex task to translate the essence of the legendary original into a contemporary design. We intend to be inspired by the original, but will ensure we are not limited by it in our creativity”.


Weekly updates

Because this coachbuilding commission includes a full re-body and major interior changes it is a unique opportunity for Niels van Roij Design to allow full insight into the entire development: from ideation process, exterior and interior design, to final coachbuilding of the aluminum Breadvan Hommage. The complete openness that we as car design studio will offer on a weekly basis is exceptional within automotive design.

For those who are interested it is a great opportunity to follow the creation of this one-off, step by step, through social media. Niels van Roij Design will report every Friday on the development and progress of the Breadvan Hommage.

Breadvan_update_070: custom car overview

High-end base car from Italy

Our Breadvan Hommage is based on a grand-tourer made from 1996 to 2001. Today we’re looking back at the major steps we are taking. Firstly, this base car marked the brands return to a layout of front-engine, rear-wheel drive. An upgraded version did arrive in 2002. The owner deliberately did not choose this car as a base vehicle for the project. Secondly, for the owner the manual gearbox in the pre life cycle update was a must-have. Thirdly, the front-engine, rear-wheel drive transaxle layout, with the 6-speed gearbox located at the rear axle together with the limited slip differential is a fantastic setup for our Breadvan Hommage. Above all, the tubular steel space frame chassis is a great base for this coachbuilding project. The manufacturer soldered aluminium body panels to this frame. Our design work is now executed on this frame.


Redesigned custom car body

Niels van Roij Design works on a full redesign of the original car body. So, as a result of this only the tubular frame will remain original. For instance, a selection of the re-design and coachbuilding work on the base car can be seen on the images here. As always it starts with proportions: the car seen from about 10 meters of distance. The biggest change is made in the rear. Starting from behind the B-pillar backwards. The second step will be the surfacing. The custom car skin will be re-shaped by artisans at the coachbuilder. Importantly, these changes are based upon our design work and choices made by the owner. Last but not least is the jewellery. For example, these are the finest and smallest details. Small, yes, but very significant in their presence. All three levels of the base car are changed. Only the windscreen will remain untouched.


Bespoke car interior design

Many individual details will be integrated in this design. They are made to fit the owner of the car and this specific design. The surfacing, or skin of the car, will be complimenting the OEM design of the Italian base car exterior. The interior of this motorcar is changed too. The individuality in each of the design statements in the driver area will include special materials. For instance, the headrest embroidery. And also new door panels. Subsequently, a new headliner is installed. A unique application of leathers and Alcantara and many more items are applied by a selection of experts. We all collaborate to fulfil our client wishes. It is an very special experience to co-design a dream car. Through computer visualisations we take the project from a piece of paper, via a clay model, to a uniquely personal motorcar.

Breadvan_update_069: custom car paint

Custom car painting

After the Breadvan Hommage was received in the workshop of Fred Steenbeek, owner of Classic Car Painter, it was checked with the sheet metal worker. After the car was discussed in its entirety, it was degreased with a degreaser. This process was followed by a degreasing with an alkaline cleaner. The painter does this to remove all workplace dust, skin fats and salts from the Breadvan Hommage. Then he starts the sanding work. The next step, after cleaning, is to sand all aluminum parts with P180. The Breadvan Hommage is then made dust-free. After this the custom car is again degreased. The body is then taped and then Fred sprays the epoxy. This epoxy layer serves as the basis for the paint system. The material serves as a preservative for the aluminum. Moreover, the filler has excellent adhesion to this substrate.


Paints for exclusive cars

Next, it is time to apply the filler and tightly sand the Breadvan Hommage. A light weight filler has been chosen. This filler is also easy to sand. Aluminum sheet metal is highly sensitive to material reduction due to sanding. This filler is easy to sand with P120 and P180 and is therefore less invasive for the aluminum. When the Breadvan Hommage is tight, a layer of epoxy is sprayed again. After this layer is applied, three layers of primer are sprayed onto the body in Valeu Shade 2 (primer color). This gray-tinted surface provides the best color coverage for the unique composite color designed specifically for the Breadvan Hommage. After this operation, the Breadvan Hommage will get some rest. Fred lets the paint work for about three weeks. This means mainly the so called collapsing of the primer layers, due to the loss of solvents.


Exclusive paint for a bespoke coachbuilt car

During the period in which the sprayer lets the paint work out, the inside of the car is sprayed in the matte black finish that is used with many race horses. After the entire interior has been given this black color, the modified Breadvan Hommage can be blocked with P320, P400, P500. The one-time car is then again made dust-free and degreased. Used he can in the spray booth and he can be stuck. The Breadvan Hommage is sprayed with Cromax Pro base Coat and the Cromax 6400S Clear Coat. The Vilbiss GTi Pro 1.3 110 is used as a spray gun for the coachbuilt car. If small imperfections are present in the custom-made varnish, these are removed and the whole is then polished for gloss. On the images shared here the very first stage of sanding and applied the epoxy can be seen.

Breadvan_update_068: one-off dials

Custom dials for one-off car

Have you ever dreamed about owning a one-off ride? At Niels van Roij Design we make your dreams come true. In other words, we create the most exclusive cars. We are using the best suppliers. The best people. The best materials available. As a result, our car design service extends far and wide. The Breadvan Hommage is a great example of what we can do. Only the windscreen of this coachbuilt car stays original. Special elements can be found throughout the interior of the Breadvan Hommage. A real custom car. We have shared the unique dials as a work in progress before. Seven uniquely styled meters in the dash. They are hand made. So, the dials consist of top-notch materials. For example, we use silver to construct the face. Craftsmanship can be found in every detail. Consequently, the materials are beautiful, the design of the facia durable and unique.


Movement for car-lovers – unique dials

The one-off set of dials is designed and made only for the Breadvan Hommage. Coachbuilding, creating one-off custom rides, at its very best! In car design language details are called jewellery. So, seven uniquely styled elements of jewellery! They are taking custom car design to the next level. The dials are hand made entirely. First, a professional dial maker takes all OEM dials apart. Disassembly of the needles and the dials. Secondly, we opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the new dials. Custom-made graphics are printed on them in a 3D layer of ink. Thirdly, the finest elements of silver are added. This is a technically difficult design. However, the result will be truly sculptural and three-dimensional. When all elements are finished, in the end, the dial maker pieces every part of a handmade dials together again.


Hand-made one-off clocks

As mentioned before, we opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the dials. For example, the tiny lines indicating speed or RPM will not be a flat, printed line. As a result, the new design elevates the entire one-off interior of this custom car. The production of a dial for the Breadvan Hommage requires a lot of skills and craftsmanship. So, our suppliers use only high quality materials. In other words: they work with absolute accuracy. The highest level of finishing. You can see the work in progress of the bespoke clocks on the images. All their effort allows for the best look. For instance, razor sharp details. A combination of modernism with a classical touch: the dials will be high quality and stylish. They will give a lasting impression! Custom dials like timepieces. Unique and distinctive.

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