Masterclass Automotive Design

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Masterclass Automotive Design

IPADE Business School in Mexico City: The Strategy Of Seduction – on how design will be leading in the paradigm shift in the transportation sector.

During the Masterclass Automotive Design the car is used as a metaphor, to let your audience see why every board of directors needs a designer!

The story of automotive design
There are often rich and beautiful stories in automotive design, the how and why, the reason behind the aesthetics. But it is rare that those stories completely get into the spaces, experiences and media that are surrounding the cars.

My team and I have extensive experience in curating car and design related events and communicating them in print, online and social media. We feel at home in and around design, understand the subtle meanings of designs in the automotive industry and are well versed in communicating this.

Realizing the value of car design for your customers:
Design has a story to tell – a very beautiful story – but it is not often told. I can give an additional experience to your customers through the story of the design DNA of your brand, its heritage and portfolio – all in a fun, informative way.

It means that one or several vehicles will be presented, their design decoded. This is not only a very interesting new facet of the brand experience, but helps your customers to express themselves, for instance on why they prefer a particular car over one of the competition.

Design DNA
In a very visual presentation your guests will be taken through the steps of designing a car. All of the challenges a car designer faces will be shown: from briefing, to design ideation, clay modelling, and the push towards production.

Which questions are asked in the automotive design industry? What is design DNA? How does the car design process works? How to perceive cars? How to do a design review? And what does white sheet of paper mean? Your clients will learn about philosophy, asking the right questions and many other facets.

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Testimonial BMW:
“A select group of BMW Renova clients attended an exclusive Master Automotive Design by Niels van Roij. It was a fascinating story about the brand DNA of the BMW mark. Our customers and we were very impressed by the Master Automotive Design and are looking much forward to the next session!”

Testimonial Moteo Peugeot:
“In four sessions throughout the day, Niels inspired our 200 Peugeot Scooter dealers and took them through the world of automotive design. Explained with beautiful visuals and carefully chosen words on the Peugeot brand value, it was inspiring and brought a wealth of insights and USPs to the dealers.”

Testimonial Kia:
“In his Masterclass Automotive Design Niels takes you with loads of passion into the world of car design. For Kia Niels performed the Masterclass to a select group of journalists, with the unique design of the Kia Niro as central focal point. Thanks to Niels’ interesting and clear presentation, you will not only learn about the car design process, it is guaranteed to change your perspective on car design. A presentation not just interesting for an automotive audience, but to many others.“

The fascinating car design journey
Showing the manual and technical processes involved is also part of the presentation. I will discuss packaging – the placement of all technical components such as drive train and engine – and even the importance of colour and trim.

In a combination of words, images, drawings, pictures and videos a beautiful and rich picture is painted on the fascinating journey a car goes through before it gets the green light for production.

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