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Badge Design
Both human beings and automobiles need jewelry. And as our coachbuilt vehicles are made entirely by hand of the best materials, we chose to eliminate any plastics to be used for our jewelry. Our badge design is handmade in metal, as it looks and feels better compared to plastic and gives a far superior finish in comparison too. As our supplier is dealing with OEM companies the quality is outstanding: the badges have been teste for UV, discolouration, road salt and corrosion.

We had quite a wish list and lenghty conversations over the period of many months – after the design freeze – on executing our badge design and its production: because of the very sharp edges we required, stamping our badges in a regular fashion was not a possibility. In that case only a rounded edge could be incorporated due to the technical restriction of the stamping procedure. Our badge design required a 90 degree top and the 45 degree facetted corner, so they had to be cast in zinc alloy rather than stamped in copper. A special 3D mold to cast the badges was made. This tool was used to injection mold the base metal and create the cut-out look we designed.

We decided to go for a black nickel – or black chrome – plating for the metal base of the badge. To give the right percieved quality the logo had to be recessed and filled with white enamel.

The photos show the metal base before any plating or enamel is added. It also clearly shows the recessed areas where the enamel colouring would be added later.

The logos were buffed by hand to make sure any small blemishes or imperfections would be removed, ensuring a nice even surface.

Following that procedure our badges went for plating. In our particular case, a black chrome base finish was required.

In the final major stage, enamel colouring is added by hand to the recessed areas. For our badge white enamel was chosen to be inserted. After colouring the enamel is left to dry and set overnight.

The black chrome showcases the quality of the base metal material beautifully and – depending on the angle – appear to be either fully black or chromed. The colour also refers to the quality of the coachbuilding process.

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