Il Coupe Dino Fiat – a limited book on the Italian car


Il Coupe Dino Fiat – a limited book on the Italian car

Il Coupe Dino Fiat

In 1966 the Fiat Dino was first shown to the public at the Salone di Torino dell’Automobile and in spring of 1967 the first Coupés designed by Giugiaro left the factory in Rivalta, near Turin.

In the summer of 1967 the Italian “Style Auto” painted a detailed picture of the fabrication of the Dino Coupé by Bertone. To mark this anniversary year a “petit commitee” of Fiat Dino lovers took on the plan to remake this unique publication and named it: Il Coupé Dino Fiat.

Fiat adept Wim W. Smit delivered content, whilst Nuccio Bertone’s personal assistant and press officer Gian Beppe Panicco added his personal story. I was given the honour and privilege to capture the essence of it all in a new book, shaped in our London design studio.

The result is a beautifully executed book, Il Coupé Dino Fiat, on the cars that came out of the first and unique collaboration between Enzo Ferrari and Giovanni Agnelli. The 86-page hardcover, printed in a numbered limited edition of 500 copies, is a valuable viewing and reading book.

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