Heritage Customs Valiance – New Land Rover Defender

Heritage Customs Valiance – New Land Rover Defender

Heritage Customs Valiance: carefully curated and personalized

“We celebrate both the Defender and the owner through each commission.” Says car designer and co-founder of Heritage Customs Niels van Roij. “In a co-design process with the patron, we shape exterior and interior. We process materials, such as aluminium, leathers, denims, teak woods and copper. We have been commissioned to design an interior symbolising a Caribbean island where one of our clients met each other and have colour matched paints of another Valiance to the classic Defender a different owner has in his collection.

Your personal Land Rover Defender

Jan-Pieter Kroezen, founder of Heritage Customs: “Each bespoke Valiance is a real design statement with distinctive, custom-made details such as solid aluminium air vents in the fenders and milled protective plates on the bonnet replacing the plastic faux diamond plate. Exclusive personal ideas can be added to all our hand-made cars. And a selection of distinctive colours, designs and even patterns are available for the Heritage Customs Valiance interior upholstery.

New Defender

The construction of the first bespoke Heritage Customs Valiance model has now been completed. According to Jan-Pieter Kroezen every Heritage Customs commission will be carefully composed: “If desired, each Valiance can have striking materials and colour schemes for both interior and exterior. Everything is possible: from laser engraved aluminium door inlays and dashboard trim, personalized treadplates and colour-matched leathers in special patterns, to aluminium boot lid inserts and full leather door cards.”

Ideation sketches and design renderings

As is the case with all Heritage Customs projects, each Valiance starts out with sketches. After conversations at the homes of the future owners, the team together selects the most appropriate ideas, materials, colours and sketches to be developed into bespoke carchitecture pieces, all in close collaboration with the patrons.

Commissioning a Heritage Customs Valiance

The prices for Valiance start from €90,000, excluding taxes, depending on the preferred base vehicle and individual customer requirements. The design and construction process of the Heritage Customs Valiance starts from 1,5 months, determined by tailor-made options and specifications. Those interested in this bespoke SUV can contact us below!

Bespoke wheels for Land Rover Defender

A selection of Heritage Customs bespoke 20 and 22 inch wheels are also available. Inside the cars the Heritage Customs logo can been embroidered into the headrests of the seats. The monogram can also be found outside of the car as a badge: cast by hand and placed on the contrasting exterior body element in the rear windows.

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