Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible – New Land Rover Defender

coachbuilding project | status: work in progress

Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible – New Land Rover Defender

Heritage Customs introduced Valiance Convertible

Heritage Customs introduces Valiance Convertible, a contemporary twist on classic open Defender. This is a bespoke Carchitecture project based on Land Rover Defender 90 and the five building slots for 2022 just opened. Heritage Customs allows customers to work closely with their team of specialist designers and craftspeople via the personal commission guide called Carchitecture. In this program patrons can create or enhance their own unique Heritage Customs vehicle.


Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible

The Valiance is the Heritage Customs concept for a more heroic version of the Defender. And a Heritage Customs Valiance is the ultimate expression of our clients, based on the world’s most iconic new 4×4. We’re proud to introduce the Valiance Convertible: a one-of-five limited edition coachbuilt motorcar made exclusively as an open top vehicle. It is based on the 90 body style and available in three carefully curated colour schemes. The new Valiance Convertible features bespoke wheels, special paints and unique exterior details.

New Land Rover Defender Convertible

We have now opened up the five slots for the 2022 Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible! The indicative price for the coachbuilt Convertible is €138.500,- or $160.000,- excluding VAT and further taxes. People can now get in touch with us to acquire their ultra limited, handmade Defender with its classical soft top, Heritage Customs forged wheels, unique exterior paints and exquisitely handcrafted bespoke interior.

Commissioning the Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible

Your Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible is available in three individually tailored and carefully curated colour schemes, inspired by beautiful beaches and the Land Rover brand heritage: Valiance Convertible Côte d’Azur, Valiance Convertible Solihull Sand and last but not least Valiance Convertible Kokkini Paralia. Each of the first generation Convertible conversions will feature a semi-electric roof, Magic Metal packs for interior and exterior and handmade enamel Heritage Customs logo’s on side and back. Contact us now, below!

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