FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on car design for coachbuilding

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to car design for coachbuilding FAQ

Coachbuilding has a long history and tradition that stretches back over 100 years. In the early motoring days, when series production did not yet exist, the process of acquiring a new vehicle involved purchasing a chassis. After that, the customer approached a carrozzeria or coachbuilder, requesting a personal body design to be fitted on the chassis.

The renaissance of coachbuilding

Coachbuilding has always been synonymous elegance, quality and technical innovation. Above all, coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design offers traditional values and know-how, combined with top-level expertise and state-of-the-art computer and design technology. In other words, the renaissance of coachbuilding is here.

How could I commission a coachbuilt car at Niels van Roij Design?

Get in touch with Niels van Roij Design. You can do this via the contact from on the bottom of this page.

From there we could schedule a phone conversation or meet in person at your convenience.

How much does designing and making a coachbuilt motorcar costs?

A general indication for the costs is hard to make and depends on your goals, the amount of work to be done and the extend of the conversion you have in mind.

In short: you set the budget, by deciding on the base vehicle and your coachbuilding wishes.

How long does it take to design and coachbuilt a one-off vehicle?

Usually between 12-24 months. All is depending on your ideas, the complexity of the base vehicle and requested design.

For instance: do you envision a full rebody and new interior design or a part-only exterior conversion.

Which car design typologies and base vehicles is Niels van Roij Design familiar with?

The past 10 years we have gained experience with all types of brands, wishes and ideas. From compact part-conversions, to more outspoken full re-bodiess.

We have worked on British SUVs, American electric cars, Italian sportscars and many more.

Where do I find information on the Niels van Roij Design portfolio of projects and ideas?

Have a look around on:
On this website you can dive into detailed information on a selection of the projects we have executed.
You will find videos, photo’s and information on our social media accounts:
Twitter: @NielsvanRoij
Instagram: @NielsvanRoijDesign
Facebook: Niels van Roij Design
YouTube: Niels van Roij Design

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