Exclusive paints | colours and materials for coachbuilding

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Exclusive paints | colours and materials for coachbuilding

Exclusive paints

Create something truly special for yourself. Commission an exterior paint colour unlike any other. Colour is a strong and very personal expression. Our design team will ensure that your choices are in tune with who you are. Colour can evoke emotion. It can affect your mood or take you back to a certain place or time in your life. It says everything about who you are and how you see the world around you. Push your curiosity and creativity through a personal paint finish designed specifically for you. Our paints are available in a variety of different variants, ranging from solid, to metallic, satin and even pearlescent. Another possibility are special duo-tones, to enhance the design of your personal coachbuilt vehicle. Commission your own unique hue. Make a bold personal statement with Niels van Roij Design. We can colour match essentially any sample provided by you. Or capture the essence of your favourite work of art, city or home.


Only you provide the right inspiration

Niels van Roij Design offers you an absolutely endless range of beautiful paint finishes. However, we do not have a fixed pallet to choose from. We think only you can provide the right inspiration for a fully individually designed paint. This means an infinite amount of different colours are available. We can also combine paints, for inspiring bicolour, or duo tone, paint finishes. This will allow you to find your own bespoke expression for your specially made motorcar. No two people are the same. And no colours are the same either. Based on our personal conversations, we will present you a bespoke colour palette to choose from. Often the colours we design will change subtly, when struck by light. With the Niels van Roij Design team you can create your very own colour tone. This is the most distinguishable symbol of the ultimate individuality.


British Racing Green 2.0

The patron of the Tesla Model S based Shooting Brake asked us to envision a personal exterior design for him. He purchased a Tesla Model S in the Tesla OEM British Racing Green. He did this as an ode to the shooting brake. And specifically the British origin of the concept. This story is unique. So we advised the patron to commission us to develop his personal colour. In particular because this one-of conversion should shine. The OEM British Racing Green colour as offered by Tesla is rather dark and flat. Our team proceeded to develop ten shades of green. Ultimately the version seen on the car was selected. There is a subtle metallic gold flake in this hand-mixed paint. And only at certain angles a fresh, light green can be identified. This colour was taken from the patron’s company logo. This is to us what true personal design is. Coachbuilding at its finest.

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