Tesla Model S based Shooting Brake

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Tesla Model S based Shooting Brake

A short video on coach-building and the design work for the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake conversion.

The design methodology we applied whilst working on the coach-built Tesla Model S Shooting Brake conversion.


The Dutch coach building and design team working on the full electric Shooting Brake reveals more details on the design of the car, based on the Tesla Model S. Designer Niels van Roij explains the strategy behind this one-off car.

“Design is the most important reason for purchase globally – regardless of the purchase price, gender or age of the buyer”, Van Roij says. “So, we’ve invested a lot of time in the design process of our Shooting Brake. We started with writing the design strategy, after which the design research was initiated, then sketching began. The aesthetics of this conversion have been developed thoroughly by producing 3 design propositions, within which 16 different design themes were generated. Our research focused on benchmarking high end performance station cars, one-off vehicles and market trends.”


“Based on this extensive design research, we developed the brand DNA for the Shooting Brake. The conversion merges seamlessly with the Tesla base vehicle, whilst clearly communicating though form, design language and materials that this is a tailor-made Shooting Brake.” According to Van Roij, the essential elements of the theme that was chosen are its dynamic, bold profile with continuously flowing lines. “And of course we added a completely new sculpted rear-end, keeping the shoulders of the car alive, thus ensuring a bold stance.”

Van Roij and his team are especially proud of the maximum amount of character they have been able to add to the car, applying pronounced new graphics on the vehicle. By means of sight lines, each graphic is interconnected whilst kick-ups in the glass areas increase the feeling of solidity. The confi-dent chrome strip surrounding the side windows gives the car an expressive Shooting Brake design. The dynamic chrome profile adds visual length and reduces the extra optical mass a station car brings, with its extended roof line. The result of these solutions is a conversion that is very sculptural. “A unique expression only possible to achieve by coach-building”, according to Van Roij.

•Developed by Niels van Roij Design, London
•High quality coach-building by RemetzCar
•Commissioned by a Dutch shooting brake collectioneur
•Limited series of 20 units planned

A high profile Dutch coach-building and design team recently started production of a full electric shooting brake, based on the Tesla Model S. The project has been commissioned a year ago by Dutch collectioneur Floris de Raadt, who is an avid fan of shooting brakes and has owned several one-of-a-kind shooting brakes. He is also an early adopter of full electric driving since 2008. Dutch designer Niels van Roij, who runs an independent automotive design firm in the United Kingdom, developed several options for the conversions, focusing on premium design combined with limited conversion costs: thus making coach-building available for a larger group of connoisseurs. However, fully bespoke interiors and various exclusive options are possible upon request. Coach-builder RemetzCar started production of the first unit recently; the final car will be revealed in the first week of March, 2018. Order books for the shooting brake are open and deposits are taken.

About Niels van Roij Design

Niels van Roij is a Dutch car designer living and working in London, from where he runs his award winning design studio. Through his automotive atelier, Niels has worked on many projects for the transportation- and design industries, for instance the Future London Taxi. For Niels’ design studio a team of highly skilled designers are working on a wide variation of interdisciplinary automotive projects, using advanced technology and sophisticated creative processes – from concept generation to final execution. Making coach-building available for a larger group of car and design enthusiasts has been a recent focus for Niels van Roij Design – more bespoke vehicles, based on different platforms, are planned.



About RemetzCar
Based in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport area in the Netherlands, RemetzCar specialises in the production of high-class conversions based on premium vehicles for a highly distinguished global clientele, including Royal Families. For over two decades, the company engineers with the latest technology available in the automotive sector, combined with traditional craftsmanship. The research & development department is constantly striving to improve the existing techniques, including conversions of aluminium body structures. True attention to detail and perfection has remained the foundation of the company since its founding.

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