Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage

Similar to the recently introduced provocative Breadvan Hommage the latest Niels van Roij Design project will again be polarising: the Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage will feature a specially crafted exterior and interior. The project was teased at the end of the Breadvan Hommage official film and progress of the commission will be shared through social media on a weekly basis. 

It was a true car design devotee that reported to Niels van Roij Design with the special request to design an ode to the Daytona Shooting Brake. Niels van Roij: “Designing the Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage commission is an honourable task and a great opportunity. The project is equally ambitious as it is demanding. Rendering the legendary classic ‘70s shooting brake into a contemporary piece of car design will be complex. We intend to celebrate the radical original, whilst ensuring we are not bound by it in our imagination”.

The base vehicle is a grand tourer produced by an Italian automobile manufacturer. The two-seat model was produced from 2006 until 2013 and will undergo significant design changes to almost every single body panel. Bespoke headlights will be designed and the bonnet line as well as fenders and front bumper will change. At the rear the car will experience most modifications with a new roofline, re-designed rear fenders and different taillights. Of course the extraordinary butterfly rear windows will be returning!

Because the creation of this one-off includes major exterior and interior changes to the base car, Niels van Roij Design will allow enthusiasts full insight into the design and development through:

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