Coachline for coachbuilding

The pin-stripe or coachline

It’s the tiny details that make all the difference. The smooth, soft feeling of the premium cowhide we use to make the seats. The warm glow of the twinkling constellation lights in the roofliner. A set of bespoke umbrellas integrated in the boot or door. It all goes to elevate the Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding experience. Another intricate detail that lifts your average automobile another notch is the addition of a coachline. It runs over both flanks of the entire length of the vehicle. We can even apply one to the bonnet of your vehicle. This line can be single or double. It can be applied in a range of colours. And it can feature anything from family crests to calligraphy. All will be based on your ideas and specifications. But one thing always remains the same: every single coachline can be drawn by hand.


Painted pinstripe down the side of your motorcar

The brushes used are thin and fine, made out of ox or squirrel hair. In these images some of the exclusive artwork that has been requested. If you’ve ever seen a car with a painted pinstripe down the side, you’re seeing artwork. A long, thin dead-straight line. One that goes from the just behind the headlights to just before the taillights of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. This job involves much more than just straight lines. Our coachbuilding adoring customers also request a variety of custom designs. This includes flowers, horse heads, various abstract shapes and, of course, their initials. Besides the necessary artistic skill, mastering the art of coachlining requires astonishing levels of patience and focus. The fine brushes made of squirrel hair are used to create these elaborate designs. A process which can take up to three hours.


Coachbuilt car with a coachline

Only a few persons in the world are qualified and skilled enough to paint the pinstripe or coachline on our bespoke motor cars. Pin stripes are a thin line of paint. These painted coachlines are made by our skilled artists. They use ‘sword’ shaped brushes. The goal of pin striping is to enhance the curves of the surface. The lines are generally of a complementary colour. In other words, this could be the colour of the interior. Or any other form of decorative colour. The method to “pull lines” used by contemporary stripers has changed little since the ’50s. The coachline is symbolizing quality and uncompromising craftsmanship. It is synonymous with the meticulous creation of each Niels van Roij Design coachbuilt car. So, the coachline is applied entirely by hand. Unaided by any machinery, it will be running over both flanks of the full lenght of your vehicle.

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