Porsche based coachbuilding

Porsche based car design

We are looking forward to starting the dialogue on your bespoke Porsche based conversion with us. Not only through evocative design, but also advanced technology. We deliver state-of-art car design services. And we are encouraging customers to explore all personalization options available. These special-edition cars are a truly one-off Porsche’s. It is crucial for our design department to work closely with the craft experts and with you as patron. This is typical for our coachbuilding expertise. We can even create a range of Porsche’s. Or if you desire your own completely unique Porsche, we can also deliver. Would you enjoy a one-off Porsche based vehicle what type of conversion do you envision? A Cayenne, 911, Panamera or Turbo would all serve as an ideal base. Whichever Porsche dream you have, begin your special adventure by contacting Niels van Roij Design. Get in touch now.


Bespoke coachbuilt Porsche based design

At Niels van Roij Design, buyers can choose contrasting colours. We suggest options based on your personality. A light-coloured leather in the front and a darker shade for the rear? This the sign of a driver’s car. The choice of beautifully finished wood veneers is endless. From sporty black ash to nautica. Or perhaps a walnut blend that recalls the deck of a Riva speedboat. You are into the realms of individual personalisation. Therefore we offer engraved door handles, monogrammed kick-plates. Maybe you’d like diamond or rose-gold badges, family crests stitched into the headrests. Anything you want. We are available to guide each coachbuilding customer through ‘bespoking’ his or her Porsche. Above all, everything you see and touch delivers a refined, tactile experience. Most importantly, it enhances any and every journey. We will meticulously consider each part of your Porsche. Welcome to your future car.


Porsche based coachbuilding

Worktables laden with pieces of coloured leathers. Beautiful steering wheels with unique inserts. Exclusive colour and material combinations. This is coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design. In other words, the interior of your Porsche shows who you are. For instance, yellow embroidery on a dark seat. Similarly, selective stitching for specifically customized seats. Dark green, red trim, yellow embossed logo? Most importantly, from our worktable we will discuss the paints. For instance, solid, metallic, glitter, pearlescent or matt? In addition, create a reserved personalized colour. Porsche rims of different colours and uniquely designed steering wheels? Bespoke headlights? In conclusion, make it unique, make it yours. Hand-assembled by Niels van Roij Design, your limited-edition Porsche will be a celebration of the bloodline. We will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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