One-off car

Bespoke coachbuilt motorcar

Are you inspired by the cars the 1930s? Your coachbuilt car will comes finished in one-off colour. Paint designed for you. Developed to reflect your interest. A satin silver bonnet is a possibility. The alloy wheels also get the paint treatment. Step into the interior, and the coachbuilt motorcar is trimmed in black and grey. Or perhaps you envision an Artic White with Warm Grey? Anthracite leather, with an embossed family crest in each door panel. Other materials used in your car’s interior could include a Piano Seashell veneer. It will be handmade and hand polished for 12 hours. Rose Gold bespoke audio speakers will finish the look. On the outside the two-tone paint features a newly-developed crystal effect, for instance. While the badges are all made out of Rose Gold.


Coachbuilding: designing a handmade car

How do you see your one-off? What is your vision for your coachbuilt vehicle? Will it use a bespoke exterior paint to complement its navy and grey interior? What about hand-stitched headrest embroidery. The exterior paint can be made six layers deep. With the last being a clear-coat infusion with blue glass in order to create a blue crystal effect. The tonneau cover of your convertible is made under coachbuilding vision. Made of carbon fibre and aluminium, to fit exactly over the two rear seats. Transform your car into a two-seat roadster. More carbon can be used as detailing throughout your car.


Coachbuilt: a bold car design statement

Are you looking for a subtle evolution of your car, or a bold design statement? Do you envision the best luxury car money can buy, or an all-new racing machine? We can coachbuilt your dreams, regardless of your aims. The styling of your handmade car, constructed by our coachbuilders, can be a careful evolution of traditional car design themes. A short front overhang, long rear. An instantly recognisable C-pillar shape. Elements of the styling influenced by your newest collector car, or classic old-timer. We can even decide on a framework to create a range cars. In essence, one big coachbuild project.

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