Breadvan Hommage

The client wanted to replace the sticky switches typical of 1990s Ferraris. Niels van Roij Design saw this as an opportunity to redesign all interior accessories, replacing them with handmade aluminum parts: gauges, air vents, rocker switches, and more. The door panels were redesigned with period-inspired quilted leather and hand-hammered aluminum elements left unfinished to evoke the coachbuilder’s craft, gaining patina over time. The door handle was replaced with a simple cord.

This meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the company’s logos, which are handcrafted enamel pieces rather than simple stickers or metal badges.

Owner Niels van Roij:

“For me, they represent the essence of coachbuilding,” says van Roij. “The car may not match the perfection of mass-produced models, but it is entirely handmade.”

1962 Breadvan

Notably, the Breadvan Hommage lacks Ferrari branding for legal reasons and to honor the spirit of the original.

“The 1962 Breadvan wasn’t a Ferrari; it was an insult to Enzo Ferrari!” he says. “It was just the ‘Breadvan,’ with no reference to the manufacturer.”

A full-scale automaker could never choose the whimsical clock face van Roij did, reading “Che importa,” Italian for “It doesn’t matter.”

This captures the car’s spirit, but don’t ask its creator about the cost. Beyond the obvious (if you have to ask…), so many variables affect the price that it’s almost irrelevant.

Eight shades of red

“Even if we made another Breadvan—which we won’t—just changing the color and interior would alter the price significantly,” van Roij explains. “Painting a car like this involves weeks or months of work, from applying putty and hand-sanding to finally adding layers of paint. We developed eight unique shades of red exclusive to this car. Imagine that after these tests, the client was still not satisfied! Providing a final price is nearly impossible; at best, it’s always an estimate.”



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