Design your own motorcar

What is coachbuilding?

In the early motoring days, when series production did not yet exist, the process of acquiring a new vehicle involved purchasing a chassis. After that, the customer approached a carrozzeria or coachbuilder, requesting a personal body design to be fitted on the chassis.

The renaissance of coachbuilding

Coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design offers traditional values and know-how, combined with top-level expertise and state-of-the-art computer and design technology. The renaissance of coachbuilding!

The car design process

1 Contact
Contact us at the bottom of this page.

2 Orientation
Discuss your ideas for your coachbuilt motorcar.

3 Choice
Pinpoint your dreams, timeline and budget.

4 Design
Visualise ideas through sketches and renderings.

5 Development
Making a full size clay model, refining the ideas.

6 Coachbuilding
Your design will be handmade by craftspeople.

About Niels

Niels van Roij focuses exclusively on automotive design for coachbuilding: the development of exceptional, hand-built vehicles for car connoisseurs, based on existing chassis. With a compact pool of specialists Niels van Roij works for a variety of automotive customers. 

In addition to his car design work, Van Roij writes articles and publishes on strategic automotive design. He is also a visiting tutor for various academies and universities worldwide. His work is exhibited internationally, including at the London Transport Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Van Roij was part of the 10 Downing Street Design Summit with British Members Of Parliament and delivers keynotes and masterclasses around the world, where he is widely recognised as an inspiring and motivating speaker.

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