Niels van Roij Design exclusive manufacturing

Niels van Roij Design exclusive manufacturing

Our standard: make the unique even more unique. We place value in building cars of quality rather than on building quantity. At Niels van Roij Design the goal is realising your personal requests. Thereby we are creating unique cars. We do this work for every type of car and every model. You can turn something special into something extraordinary, through our studio. A harmonised image is what we are after. In every single detail. Beauty becomes even more beautiful when it follows a strong idea. An idea that will be permanently developed through the months we work together. Our customers are inspired by a variety of different things. They continually develop new concepts. We do the same. That is why we are working closely with our clients with every commissioned car.


Perfection as part of our tradition

We are designing each car to serve a specific concept. It has to be your personal car. Just looking good is not enough. It has to serve you in life, after all. Whatever you do or like. A Niels van Roij Design made car is designed and coachbuilt around you. Strong ideas and the demand for the highest quality are equally important to us. A coachbuilt car expands the pleasures of motoring to new dimensions. Whether you are looking for more comfort or more sportiness. Exquisite appointments, colours and materials reach beyond accommodating. And with distinctive tailor made details, a motorcar constructed by our coachbuilders is traveling in one of its most distinguished forms. A automobile designed by Niels van Roij Design carries itself as elegantly as it carries you.


Unmistakable presence with an unprecedented eye for detail

A coachbuilt motorcar is not merely a changed base vehicle. It is artfully sculpted by craftspeople to command the eye as well as the road. Exclusive styling with a beautifully trimmed cabin: the pinnacle of you. What makes tomorrow’s classic is how unique it is today. Everything is possible. For instance, a new, bespoke grille featuring fine chrome vanes, to a hand-sculpted body. In addition, rich tailored paintwork, developed in your name, to an elegantly sweeping body. Do you prefer an impossibly deep satin gloss or would you opt for dramatic two-tones inspired by your favourite work of art? Niels van Roij Design ensures unique appointments. Coachbuilding, tailored to match only you.

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