Niels van Roij Design coachbuilt

Coachbuilders: including a one-off cocktail hamper

For you, Niels van Roij Design will pull the covers off its range of bespoke options. A near-infinite combinations of trim, colour and material options that will tailor any motorcar into exactly what you want. Trim and paint upgrades that majors on an interesting theme: you. For instance, the exterior can recall shades worn by explorers, or that can be seen from your favourite holiday location. Inside, you can apply a red weave carbon fibre. Or, for instance, a Navy Blue. Or is for exemple Oatmeal the colours of your choice? In the back of your motorcar we can make you stainless steel cocktail and seasoning services. Alongside tasteful glassware and serving boards. You can mix drinks in personally monogrammed highball crystal glasses. And eat from the luxury picnic set that’s integral to your car and its design.


Coachbuilding: our bespoke car design programme

Are you ‘Inspired by Music’ or perhaps ‘Inspired by Film’? We can coachbuilt your wishes into your special edition, one-off car. A hidden compartment that contains napkins? Perhaps paring knives, and stainless steel drinking straws? Boot-mounted rear seats, an interior design inspired by unique motorcars from old days? We can make your dreams come true. Shadow patterns in highly-reflective stainless steel inserts. Complemented by 24-carat gold plating. Space grade aluminium. The most beautiful coloured carbon fibres. Gem stones and diamonds. Slivers of a meteorite. Your ideas can be transloated into a one-off car. Coachbuilding is back. The interior of your car is a work of art. With liberal use of a black gloss piano finish. Highlighted with stainless steel pinstripes. Yellow gold speaker grilles? Lacquered with glass particles to allow the car to shimmer. All requests can be accommodated, within the limit of the law, of course…


Coachbuilt SUV, made for your exclusively

‘Effortless everywhere’ for true adventurers. Niels van Roij Design promises ‘effortless everywhere’ performance for your furture car. Be it a sedan, a sportscar or an SUV. We can make your car the world’s most comfortable, smoothest riding and quietest. Or the most loud one. Whatever it is you desire. Given Niels van Roij Design reputation for refinement, ride comfort and all-round cossetting, you will get what it is you deserve. We can design the cabin of your typically and exquisitely around you. A step ahead of any car manufacturer. All body panels can be handmade from aluminium. The rear doors could be made into rear-hinged ‘coach doors’. For you as a patron can truly arrive. All brightwork is lovely hand-polished stainless steel. Or chrome. Or Carbon Fibre. Whatever it is you wish.

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