Morgan Coachbuild: a testament to Niels van Roij Design raftsmanship

These 3 Niels van Roij Design concepts showcase the adaptability of the Niels van Roij Design team to any donor car – as well as the Morgan silhouette, presenting a series of 3 vehicles both striking in appearance and unmistakably Morgan. This special project celebrates coachbuilding by merging the expertise, heritage, and creativity of Morgan and Niels van Roij Design, achieving a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. At Niels van Roij Design, we proudly practice the art of coachbuilding, uniting art, engineering, and craft to create experiences rich in history. This Morgan project has allowed us to celebrate these values that could be shared with a like-minded creator and patron.

Coachbuild one-off

Following a series of conversations, studio visits, and home visits, the team from Niels van Roij Design and a Morgan owner can begin drafting initial concepts. It is always energizing to witness the creative synergy between our team and the patron. Collaboration throughout the development stages will always be enhanced by Niels van Roij Design’s immersive design technology and car coachbuilding.

These 3 one-off cars, mark a significant milestone in our Niels van Roij Design product design history. Our diverse product portfolio ranges from the elegance of Silver Spectre to the adventurous Adventum Coupe. As we explore broader visual experimentation across our model range, collaborating for Niels van Roij Design has been a goal and always an enriching experience. We are particularly pleased with the proportions and the car’s stance, achieved through meticulous attention to the wheel-to-body relationship. The elegant dropping shoulder line is accentuated by an eccentric swept tail, a fuller-bodied aesthetic complemented by intelligent surfacing details, and carefully defined creases that control highlights as they move across the gently crowned surfaces. This Niels van Roij Design series of Morgan sketches establishe design foundations that will influence future projects.


The design of the 3 cars are the product of an immersive journey by Niels van Roij Design, building on the essence of Morgan’s DNA, encompassing its centenary heritage, company culture, and a remarkable community of passionate devotees. This endeavor also provided a unique opportunity to explore our own past with fresh eyes, rediscovering our company’s origins in coachbuilding. The Niels van Roij Design tradition’s innate sculptural sensitivity shapes the low and essential silhouette, producing a beautifully surfaced and proportioned series of coupe’s that celebrate light-hearted motoring. The Niels van Roij Design team engaged collaboratively across all stages, from the initial inspirational ‘what if?’ moments to colour and material discussions and many more encounters in between.



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