McLaren based coachbuilding

The current generation of McLaren cars form an excellent base vehicle for our coachbuilding activities. The new McLaren line-up is a hugely important model for the British marque. The MP4-12C shook the world of automotive luxury. It was first introduced in 2011. This car was a gorgeous sport coupe. For instance, it boasted voluptuous, bold surfaces. Above all, it was a huge success for the brand. Certainly, it brought McLaren a younger and new audience globally. In addition, this model explored the idea of the ultimate sportscar even further. The McLaren design DNA has now been further developed and is tapping into cutting-edge new technology. Through Niels van Roij Design you can develop your own personal car. Our bespoke personalisation service can be executed on any McLaren. Do you prefer a track-focused, racing versions? A Sports Series or Super Series models? In that case the McLaren 720S GT3 and McLaren 570S GT4 could be excellent starting points.

McLaren 720S one-off design

Our design studio would work with you to create a sexy shape, unique surfaces. Quiet and very distinctive. Creating a coachbuilt car of true timelessness. A body conversion designed around your wishes. The interior colour and trim can be changed to your preferences. An inclusive approach to design based on your ideas and dreams. Our design and coachbuilding tram offers endless scopes for you to add your own personal touch inside. Likewise, material choices are integral to the interior. We can accommodate different fabrics. You will feel a sense the harmony inside. Personalization options include endless colours for hides, Tweeds, wools, fabrics and carpets. The interior colours can be configured for the cabin. Perhaps one colour can be used in the piping of your choice. In conclusion, we can subtly highlight specific materials for your personal McLaren based coachbuilt car.

McLaren based conversion

You can opt for the classic knurling treatment on the metal surface. Or perhaps you prefer a more elaborate diamond treatment. Unique leather quilt design is also offered. Do you favour the richer interior or like a more Bauhaus treatment? The beauty of personalization by Niels van Roij Design. You can make your McLaren truly yours through our design studio. We direct but do not dictate. Even though most customers are happy to take our advice. As this is partly why they come to Niels van Roij Design. Each McLaren cabin is all about beautiful materials and textures and through us it will become an absolutely unique car. The sculpted flowing shapes on the dashboard are truly special. Do you prefer leather tops? Or Tweed perhaps. This is ultimate luxury.



Are you curious about the possibilities of coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design for you? Let’s discuss all unique options for your tailor made dream car! Just like your bespoke suit, house and garden, your car deserves your excellent taste. Through coachbuidling by Niels van Roij Design it is possible to co-create your own dream car with us