Maserati based coachbuilding

An inviting Maserati interior

Elegant burgundy piping over cream leather. Your Maserati seats featuring a new quilting scheme designed specifically to match the interior of your yacht. Velvet-like nubuck hide, turned aluminum trim, multi-tone cross stitching. Your personal ideas adding to the atmosphere of the carefully curated and designed Maserati interior. Perhaps a small, embossed flag or a logo on the seat backrests. Everything is conceived, designed and built for you. Niels van Roij Design will be transforming your Maserati based dream into reality. An initial stage of analysis and stylistic research evolved into the definition of the surfaces and the construction and assembly. Constant interaction between design, engineering and you. The lines of the your ideas expressed in the muscularity of the body. Hand built entirely out of coachbuilt aluminium or computer controlled carbon.


No two coachbuilt Maserati’s will ever be the same

Our wood specialists source the finest woods by hand to make veneers. The grain of each veneer is as unique as a human fingerprint. Above all, this means that no two Niels van Roij Design coachbuilt motor cars will ever be the same. Our marquetry is world-class. Our craftspeople will look for beautiful pieces of wood. Featuring attractive structures and patterns. It takes about 30 days for each set of veneers to be crafted. It demands patience and precision from our craftspeople. Layer by layer they remove layers of veneer with a rotating blade. Like pages of a book, these are then collected. After that, our wood experts keep the veneers in their correct. By hand they are sanded, lacquered and polished. As a result, when it’s time to fit them, the veneers can be bookmatched by eye. This achieves a beautiful and perfect symmetry in your Maserati’s interior.


Maserati based coachbuilding

The current generation of Maserati cars form an excellent base vehicle for our coachbuilding activities. The new Maserati line-up is a hugely important for the Italian marque. The previous generation of Quattroporte shook the world of automotive luxury. This car was a gorgeous four door sedan. For instance, it boasted voluptuous, bold surfaces. Above all, it was a huge success for the brand. Certainly, it brought Maserati a younger and new audience globally. In addition, this model explored the idea of the ultimate saloon even further. The Maserati design DNA has now been further developed and is tapping into cutting-edge new technology. Through Niels van Roij Design you can develop your own personal Maserati based car. Our bespoke personalisation service can be executed on any Maserati. Do you prefer a track-focused, racing version? A Ghibli, Levante or Quattroporte? In any case the Maserati brand can be an excellent starting point.

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