Lexus coachbuilding

Your ultimate coachbuilt Lexus

The Lexus design language is powerful and it commands a significant road presence. Lexus makes supremely comfortable and polarizing products. Niels van Roij Design offers a range of personalized options for your Lexus. Including unique colour and material options and marquetry options. Through Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding you can realise an altogether more refined Lexus based dream. One that is in keeping with your personal design ideas. The panoramic roof floods your Lexus with natural light. We can adapt this sunroof. As a result, the sunlight will subtly create a work of art on your Lexus interior. Therefore, the interplay of light and shadow on beautiful materials. In other words, sunlight will flow inside. And every surface, element and texture will change its appearance. Would you prefer Tweeds or diamond-quilted leather? Our quintessential coachbuilding options are endless. Drilled sports pedals. Embroidered emblems. Everything crafted after your ideas.


Ultimate coachbuilt Lexus

Luxury, sportiness and performance meet design, comfort and versatility. Therefore, our design ideas are the best-in-class. The only in class. However, unique driving dynamics, do not stand alone. Performance must go hand in hand with unmistakable elegance of design. Above all, your personal coachbuilt Lexus can embody the characteristics of your soul. Sporty, elegant, luxurious, or off-road. In addition, we make your Lexus more suitable for driving in a range of environments. Luxury, style and beauty combined with high performance. Our personal conversion about your ideal Lexus based car will guarantee the best outcome. Performance and control under any driving condition. That’s what makes Niels van Roij Design coachbuilding feel so inherently special. Whichever dream you have, begin your special Lexus adventure by contacting Niels van Roij Design.


Coachbuilding your Lexus

Our most important tools as designers are our ears. We listen to what you have to say. The manufacturing process is a sophisticated assignment. We use beautiful materials such as leather, silk, carbon, wood or aluminium. However, our most important asset is human hands. Often they are the only tools meeting our high demands. This goes for every step of the way. For applying leather, paint and jewellery. When cutting and sewing, as well as when assembling your personal Lexus. Always in due time. In other words: coachbuilding takes time. We work on your Lexus with great care. We are taking everything into account. In this way our craftsmanship always creates a consistent whole. High-tech and craftsmanship, do they go together? At Niels van Roij Design they do. Your inspiration can come from everywhere. Therefore, share your ideas and make your Lexus dream become a reality.

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