Leather and Alcantara for your Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus has been a huge success. However, Lamborghini does not respond to truly individual requests. There is only one version: the Lamborghini Urus. Of course, with some options you can put together your own Urus. For instance, you can opt for an off-road package. There is only one true option if you want something completely unique. Turn to Niels van Roij Design and make your Urus, yours. If you like the appearance of the exterior of your car, we can focus on the interior. Or the other way around. We can also take care of your Urus in the engine department. Thanks to adjustments to the engine the maximum power can be increased from 650 hp to 700 or even almost 800 Italian horses.

Embroidered logos for Lamborghini Urus

The details are not the details. Therefore, the headrests can feature elegant embroidered logos. This is a subtle and creative decoration. Depicturing the outline of your initials, for instance. Captured in only a few striking lines. Embedded in the Alcantara of the seat. Or perhaps your prefer leather, or silk. Whatever it is you like. We can do it. A subtle ornamental in the hand-made seats showcase our eye for detail. We design the interior with the same attention as the exterior. With beautiful, tactile and flawless materials. They help making the interior come alive. Niels van Roij Design leaves every patron a completely free hand to choose. For example, from the option of colours to the layout of gauges. And even the application of extraordinary materials. Everything is possible. An exclusive character is ensured.

One-off Lamborghini Urus interior

Our work for your Urus can feature significant changes to the interior. It can be designed inspired by heritage models. Therefore, the design process will can start researching, for instance, 1960 race cars. There is a lot of character in these distinctive gentleman racers. In addition, we look at trim and materials installed on hand-finished cars of these days. In other words, classic Lamborghini sports cars are very inspirational. However, we do take design liberties. We push your Urus based project into the future. For instance, your design can boast unique materials and colours. The research done starting the project, will ensure only relevant changes are made. Our top upholsterers will work on the interior. We can choose to pronounce original volumes and proportions. We do not only honour the original, we honour you as connoisseur. Contact Niels van Roij Design now.



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