Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

For eye-catching styling and performance you can hear Niels van Roij Design offers bespoke exhaust systems. Do you envision quad tailpipes in highly polished aluminium. Or, for instance, a central system in black. We can design a system for your car from scratch, most importantly. For instance, we’re using specialist pipe bending equipment. In addition, we apply special metal fabrication skills. We can manufacture your one-off system. Therefore, no matter what type of vehicle you have. We carefully design every component of your bespoke exhaust. It is constructed by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team. The team consists of industrial designers, engineers and architects. They meet challenges every day. Combining a technical solution with an attractive, modern, and state-of-the-art design. In other words, taking your car to the next level. Above all, together we can break boundaries in the world of design. Lets start the development process of your exhaust system.


Extensively redesigned car

We have extensively redesigned the original body. Adventum Coupe’s body has most panels changed compared to the base Range Rover vehicle. This includes new windows, doors, rear fenders and a completely redesigned interior. All wheel drive ensures superb responsiveness, traction and agility. No SUV feels more ‘alive’. Niels van Roij Design creates the ultimate car for you. The fastest. The most luxurious. Incorporating the highest levels of technology. Our specialist engineers, designers and craftsmen enable our most discerning clients to indulge their passion. The result is always exclusive, desirable and collectible. Whether you’re a passenger in the front or in the back. You connect with any Niels van Roij Design creation from the moment you slide into the form-hugging seats. Made from Tweeds, wool or premium perforated leather.


Bonnet vents

Optimally positioned, our bespoke bonnet vents improve airflow and cooling. Moreover, they allow for a cleaner exit of the air passing through the radiator and assist in maintaining airflow through the engine bay. Created to compliment your car, these vents will be made to your vision. Carbon fiber bonnet vents can be complimented by side blades. The hood blades are a subtle but unique addition to the bonnet of your motorcar. Most importantly, the blades will be designed to exactly fit to the existing bonnet. Above all, we can design them in aluminium, glossy or matte carbon fibre as well as bright chrome. In addition we can create carbon fiber mirror caps. These units are complete replacements. Not just covers for the current body color mirror caps. In conclusion, we can design and create bespoke exhaust tips. These tips attach to the car using the original OEM hardware.

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