Custom car design

Custom dreams, power and poise

Elegant and sporty, your coachbuilt car could blend classic styling with an array of striking new design elements. The long, low profile and sweeping roofline, for instance. We can feature OLED tail lights. These are not only ultra-efficient but also lend your coachbuilt car a unique lighting signature. Other eye-catching details can include power domes on the bonnet. And we can introduce dramatic lines. Specific ideas and bodystyling to match you and your life. Up front, a distinctive radiator to create a powerful first impression. Our coachbuilt efforts every time demonstrate the extraordinary skill of our workshop staff. The clock is fabricated with any background of your choice. And it will glow a colour of your choice at night time. There could be a nod to the green illumination that would appear on the instrument panels of your personal jet.


Coachbuilding: craftsmanship and innovation in a bespoke car

Inside the your coachbuilt cary ou will find impeccable craftsmanship and premium materials. These feature throughout the cabin. Including, for example, exquisite leather upholstery and a choice of stylish wood, aluminium and carbon fibre trims. Of course we also offer a wealth of cutting-edge technology to complement traditional qualities. For instance, widescreen displays making a striking centrepiece. Bespoke software to boost the power of your coachbuilt car also is a possibility. Even a one-off tailored exhaust system is achievable. Ambient lighting and a superb surround sound system further enhance an already unforgettable driving experience in your on-off automobile. Niels van Roij Design will can reveal your special edition to the world at, for instance, Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como. Or keep it strictly private and for your eyes only.


One-off coachbuilt car design

Do you envision a bespoke exterior finished, for instance, in gunmetal grey? A two-tone perhaps, separated by a brass feature line, for example? Grille vanes painted in black? Everything you envision will be executed by our design and coachbuilding team. Inside, the seats of your handmade car are finished in the finest leather of your choice. Therefore, it can be black leather accented by brass. White leather accented by gold? Blue leather accented by aluminium? In other words, you can decide. Even speaker covers can be finished in brass or nearly any other material. The dashboard of the coachbuilding dream we will create with and for you features excessive craftsmanship. What is your vision about your car? Is finished in Smoked Eucalyptus wood, for instance? Or Burl inlaid with silver and copper? Contact us today to make your vision into a reality.

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